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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Requirements for Commercial Drivers

New Medical Certification Requirements from FMCSA for Commercial Drivers states that from January 30, 2012 all Commercial Driver's License (CDL) holders must provide information to their State driver licensing agencies (SDLA) regarding the type of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operation they drive in or expect to drive in with their CDL.

Drivers operating in certain types of commerce will be required to submit a current medical examiner’s certificate to their SDLA to obtain a “certified” medical status as part of their driving record.

CDL holders are required to have a “certified” medical status. Drivers who fail to provide and keep up-to-date their medical examiner’s certificate with their SDLA will become “not-certified” which may even lead to lose their CDL.

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What is changing?

SDLAs will be adding your medical certification status and the information on your medical examiner’s certificate to your Commercial driver’s license system (CDLIS) record.

When does this change start?

This change starts on January 30, 2012.

What is not changing?

The driver physical qualification requirements are not changing.

What are CDL holders required to do

  1. You must determine what type of commerce you operate in. You must certify to your SDLA to one of the four types of commerce you operate in as listed below,

    • Interstate non-excepted: You are an Interstate non-excepted driver and must meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements (e.g. – you are “not excepted”).

    • Interstate excepted: You are an Interstate excepted driver and do not have to meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements.

    • Intrastate non-excepted: You are an Intrastate non-excepted driver and are required to meet the medical requirements for your State.

    • Intrastate excepted: You are an Intrastate excepted driver and do not have to meet the medical requirements for your State.

  2. If you are subject to the DOT medical card requirements, provide a copy of each new DOT medical card to your SDLA prior to the expiration of the current DOT medical card.

For specific State by State requirements for drivers and information related to how a State is handling the Medical Certification requirements and to determine who to contact is available on the web at{687D99D3-FFB5-4B76-BD6F-F5EF54728BE0.

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