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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Rule for Cell Phone from U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood

On 23rd of November 2011 U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared a new rule stating that interstate truck and bus drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones while driving.

The joint rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is the latest action by the U.S. Department of Transportation to end distracted driving.


"When drivers of large trucks, buses and hazardous materials take their eyes off the road for even a few seconds, the outcome can be deadly," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

"I hope that this rule will save lives by helping commercial drivers stay laser-focused on safety at all times while behind the wheel."

Drivers who violate the law have to pay penalties of up to $2,750 for each offense and will be disqualified from operating commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for multiple offenses.

In addition to all these the particular state will suspend the driver's commercial driver's license (CDL) after two or more violations.

Commercial truck and bus companies which allow their drivers to use hand held phones while driving have to undergo a penalty of $11,000.

FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro said that "It's just too dangerous for drivers to use a hand-held cell phone while operating a commercial vehicle."

"Drivers must keep their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and head in the game when operating on our roads. Lives are at stake."

Many of the largest truck and bus companies have already launched policies banning their drivers from using hand-held phones.

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Also view our featured article Distracted Driving which tells you in detail about the Campaign tools on distracted driving, three key elements to decrease distracted driving, researches made on distracted driving etc...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New trucking laws intend to alert truckers

The federal government announces that the legislation will be introduced in Parliament to make sure that truck drivers should not drive for too long, drive when they are not tired and to make them stay out of taking drugs while driving.

Trucking laws for drivers

Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese says "the safe rates legislation will ensure safety on all roads and best practice in the trucking industry."

A Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal from Fair Work Australia will be formed to find out whether the truck drivers are being pressured to drive unsafely.

When a truck driver feels that pressure is being placed on for unsafe practices, the truck driver can contact the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal and the tribunal will make a decision for it.

He also added by saying that “there isn't going to be change in the industry overnight, but i hope this new rule will benefit truckers and for all people who use them”.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Truckload turnover rate rises high

Latest trucking activity report states that the turnover rate for over the road truck rose up to 79% in the second quarter there by marking the third quarter in a row of increased churn in the driver market.

The turnover rate for drivers at large truckload fleets rose four basis points from the first quarter’s rate of 75%, pushing the rate to its highest point since the second quarter of 2008.

Trucking industry in U.S

“Even though the increase was small, we still believe the market for quality drivers is getting extremely tight and fleets are aggressively recruiting to fill their openings,” ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said. “The slowdown of the economic recovery has affected the turnover rate, but if the economy continues to improve we’ll see further tightening in the driver market and a renewed risk of a severe driver shortage.”
Turnover at small truckload companies and less-than-truckload fleets actually fell in the quarter, dropping to 47% from 50% for small TL firms and to 6% from 8% for LTLs.
American Trucking Associations is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight.


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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Texas Highways - the First to Increase Speed Limits

TxDot increased Speed level in TexasThe Texas transportation commission has recently approved higher speeds on four central Texas highways with 75 mile per hour limit since recent legislation (HB 1353) took effect on September 1.

The four Central Texas highways are the first in the state to be posted at this speed. TxDOT announced that speed limits be raised on sections of I35, SH 130, SH 45 and US 281 in Bell, Travis, Burnet and Williamson counties.

Carol Rawson, TxDOT Traffic Operations Division director said that "This is a great start, but we have a long way to go".

He also added that new 75 mph signs will be posted very soon in the near future. Approved 75 mph speed limits are located on:

I-35-- 22 miles from Georgetown to Salado
SH 130 -- 45 miles from I-35 in Williamson County to US 183 in Travis County
SH 45 -- 9 miles from US 183 to I-35 in Travis County
US 281 -- 12 miles from the Lampasas-Burnet County line to 8 miles north of the Burnet citylimits

It is to be noted that the increase in speed limits are not effective until the new signs are installed on the road side.

The new speed limits in Texas are set using the 85th percentile method which is used to set speed limits nationwide for the past 60 years and it represents the speed the majority of drivers are traveling.

Get to know the Transportation programs, Community programs, Traffic Safety Tips introduced by TxDOT from our shipping car to Texas page. 

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