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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Freight levels rebound in U.S. trucking industry

According to the data from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), analysts believe that the U.S. economy may still steer clear of a second recession because of the rebound in freight levels during September.

Trucking industry in U.S
ATA’s truck tonnage index increased 1.6% in September which is comparatively higher than August.

ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello says that "Tonnage may show that we are in a weak growth period for the economy but not on our way to recession."

He also added up by saying "Prior to the two previous recessions, truck tonnage was plummeting, but not this time".

When comparing this ratio with September 2010, the index was up 6 percent in approx. Trucking holds 67.2 percent of tonnage in U.S for all sort of domestic freight transportation.

In the year 2010, trucks shipped around 9 billion tons of freight and earned $563.4 billion which yields more than 81 percent of the total revenue for all modes of transportation.


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Brokers nowadays: TCP National Survey

TCP quarterly BES concludes that trucking companies have reduced the usage of Broker freight services nowadays.

Transport Capital Partners

On by comparing today’s statistics with May’09, when 65% of the carriers were using brokerage services today only 14% of the carriers are using brokerage services.

Sources say that carriers have stated seeing their own volumes and rate increase which lead to this significant decline in the brokerage services.

Graph denoting the broker freight services
Moreover, people who wish to ship their vehicle raises more question about the viability of the asset-light brokerage model that depends upon someone else owning the truck, carrying all the risks, and receiving very little reward.

Smaller carriers are more dependent on brokerage freight services than large carriers.

Over 88% of the larger carriers have reduced the usage of brokerage whereas only 77% of the smaller carriers are reporting less use of brokerage services .

If the larger brokerage companies are going to rely on the smaller carriers, it is expected that 20% of the small carriers will be leaving the industry in the next 18 months.

Richard Mikes, TCP Partner, further notes that "the future of non-asset based brokers is being debated in the transportation industry as more carriers are also offering brokerage services in an environment of tight capacity."

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Alert to Carriers from FMCSA

Recently FMCSA have received numerous inquiries regarding the companies who use aggressive marketing tactics to sell both supervisor training and products, such as logbooks, to carriers.

FMCSA logo
For Drivers:
According to 49 CFR § 395.8 - Driver's record of duty status every driver should keep a record of their duty status and a format for that record.

FMCSA does not sell or support companies that market products, such as logbooks, to employers.
For Employers:
Under 49 CFR § 382.603 - Training for supervisors employers may also be required to make sure that supervisors are attending mandatory drug and alcohol training.

FMCSA does not certify trainers or training companies and it does not pre-approve the curriculum presented.

It is an employer’s choice to select which sort of training and products are needed for the aforesaid guidelines.

Independent companies may try to market products and services to employers using the public information provided in the FMCSA site.

If a carrier receives an advertisement that improperly claims an alliance with either of these
  • The Department of Transportation


  • Attempts to obtain personal banking

  • Credit card information not related to a purchase

please contact the

Investigator for the FMCA Mr. Tom Frazier at (540) 504-6436.


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