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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Set of Laws followed in Auto Transport

There are no industries without rules and regulations and in that way let us see the set of laws followed in auto transport industry. As this industry moves vehicle all across the country, transportation law has been enforced to maintain laws of the United States. Here are those rules

Weight requirements:
Each and every auto shipper should make sure that the weight of the vehicle complies with the weight requirements of the federal and state departments of transportation. Most of the roads have axle weight requirements and restrictions in which all the shipping companies must abide.

Authorization of hauling vehicles:
The transportation departments are very strict in this law and they want the vehicle shipping companies to make use of the trucks that have been specifically designed for hauling vehicles. Only specific types of trucks have been authorized to transport the vehicles.

Mandatory inspection:
On all highway route to the desired destination and all the auto transport drivers should stop at the weigh stations for mandatory weight inspection. Inspection many not be required suggesting the weight lines are full.

Proper tying down of load:
The law suggests that the vehicles being transported should be tied down securely to the vehicle and violation of this law fetches heavy fine.

Truck driver’s hours:
This rule has been strictly following now than the past because it results in more number of accidents due to the driver’s exhaustion and lack of sleep. All the truck drivers who transport goods should maintain the log of hours they have operated the truck within 24 hrs.

All America Auto Transport follows all these laws and they have been ranked as the best car transporter due to their service and their integrity in their work.

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Decline in the small pickup trucks

Small pickup trucks have always been the center of attraction and due to some reasons; people have been distracted from these small trucks and use other different modes for transporting cars. Throughout 1970’s and 80’s, these compact trucks were present everywhere and since this seems to be a better option for cheap transport of cars, the new car buyers find it easy. Later on the situation changed and due to continuous rise in the price of fuel and as the economy continuous to sputter along and thus the entry level vehicles that manufacturers once provided is now gone from the marketplace.

A recent statistics shows that there is great drop in the American compact pickup market. In the past fifteen years, there has been 8 percent downfall in the sales of those compact trucks. We can hope that this condition will change soon and many companies like Nissan and more have decided to mix up some formulas to make this compact truck an attractive one to the people.

All America Auto Transport being in the industry  since 1964 still use those small compact pickup trucks and attract the people with their way of car transportation. Email to to know more about the process involved in shipping your car..

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Small luxury cars in demand

Once there was a drop in demand for small luxury cars and even the head of Mercedes-Benz USA in the late 1990s, was keen in getting out the expensive A-class small car out of the United States. But now the European brands are trying to change this condition and they have a plan to roll out the new small luxury cars at an affordable price with luxury content. The A class luxury sedan which are expected in 2013 in the USA is going to be the new model of the small cars and a recent statistics reveal that “They're low-volume vehicles, with combined U.S. sales of 23,596 units last year”.

The car maker’s estimate that this trend will change and it will increase in double in the next few years. Jeff Schuster, an executive director of global forecasting at J.D. Power and Associates, says “the recession and fuel prices have changed what buyers consider important”. People have changed their thoughts about the Small cars and now they think that instead of buying a large car, why not the small car that has same content and desire. In our last post, we have discussed about the plan of Mercedes Benz in importing the small sedan with electric power train and more features, but now they have only decided to bring out the smaller A class to the united states. When they have decided to bring out this smaller class, executives demanded only for the larger B class, but later it was reversed and they got attracted with this car when they went a trip to Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart.

The sales ratio of small cars has been increased dramatically since 2009 and even other manufacturers apart from Mercedes Benz are in the plan to bring out the small luxury cars into the US market. Whatever your car model and size may be, we at All America Auto Transport offer you the best  service to transport your car and make your auto move an easier one. For more information, email to

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A fully electric car from Mercedes Benz

One of the series of luxury sedans produced by Mercedes Benz is S- class Mercedes Benz and it has many latest features and safety systems and due to its best features, it has been ranked as the world best selling luxury sedan. The head of Mercedes Benz Company has announced that there is a possibility to launch a completely electric version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. As per the reports the company from German has scheduled to bring up the next generation S- Class line up. Due to the awareness of global warming, many car companies have been designing the car as an eco friendly one and the Mercedes Company is not an exception. It already announced that it has invested $2.8 billion into developing eco-friendly hybrid versions of every model.

The new S class electric car uses no petrol or diesel hybrid assistance and is said to be a fully electric model throughout. Mercedes-Benz technical Head, Thomas Weber, hasn’t ruled out the potential of an electric model, and said in a recent Autocar report, “At the moment, we are looking at customer demand”. This model is expected to be in market sometime in 2013. Though there is no electric variant, this new s class seems to be more efficient due to its four cylinders on the list.

Transporting this luxury sedan needs more care and any slight damage in the car would damage the beauty of the car, so when you go for transporting this luxury sedan, look for the best transport company that provides you the good vehicle transport service with best shipping quotes.

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