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Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Green: Car Shipping with AAAT

Green revolution has been spreading rapidly and there’s a lot more to consider going green. One such industry which has been a major contributor in increasing the green house effect is the automotive industry. Automakers introduce various new hybrid models every year which in turn results more in buying of cars. An easy way to transport these cars to customers is by choosing a car shipping company.

The Department of Energy has compared and announced the amount of carbon dioxide released from one gallon of gasoline and one gallon of diesel. This information looks staggering. Within a year, our  transport company was able to save 2,926,000 gallons of fuel which has reduced the emission of greenhouse gases by 38,216,000 pounds. Studies indicate that if each state has our auto transport company, the country could save 150 million gallons of fuel and 2 billion pounds of greenhouse gases.

Shipping companies have implemented various techniques to reduce carbon emission and to achieve these numbers in reality. They invest a lot in researching about fuel-efficient trucks and trailers. Their usage of cutting-edge technology also helps in reducing carbon emissions. Another important measure that vehicle transport companies have taken is to ensure that they make trips with full load of cars so that the number trips will be reduced. They also choose terminals closer to the highways to reduce the length of trips. They have contacts with numerous car dealers to ensure that they load fully instead of just transporting two or three cars.

Our society has to move a long way to achieve a greener environment. All America Auto Transport has already started its best to achieve it.

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