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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beware of Auto Transport Scam Websites

If you are planning to ship your car, make sure that you choose the right car shipper as many phony car transport websites have popped up recently across the internet. The most common scam is fake trucking company websites which are not a company at all, instead, a scammer trying to attract a victim. A user will visit the website in order to get a quote. The site might look legit by if often a replicate of a legitimate car transport company site. The user is then offered a reasonable shipping quote along with the instructions for payment. Once the payment is made by the user, they never turn up and the user is out their money. It is fairly easy to avoid this type of scam. Here are some tips to identify a scam site:
  • Never use a site which recommends using wire transport for payment as legit auto shippers never require wire transfer payment and always accept a secure payment method such as a credit card.
  • Make sure that the address in the address bar matches with the name of the site. If not, that is a danger sign for scam.
  • Look for grammatical errors, typos, etc. If they are present, then the site is likely the work of a hasty scammer rather than an actual company.
  • Find a phone number listed for the site and call it. Scam sites often list a non-working number or do not list a number at all. All legit vehicle shippers will have a working phone number a physical address listed on their site. Bogus sites do not list an address.
  • Do a Google search on the name of the company; established companies will return many results that reference the actual company. Phony sites won't.
  • It is always better to ask for references. Genuine car shippers will provide you with references you can call or email.

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