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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 Myths about Car Shipping

Myth is often used to refer to a false story and it explains the truth behind it. Even in shipping cars, people assume things on their own. Lets see the top 10 myths which people have while shipping their cars.

1. Terminal to terminal services are cheaper than door to door services
It requires some extra effort to deliver your car to your home and these efforts doesn't come for free. It might just cost a few pennies more. In terminal to terminal shipping, even if the carrier leaves your car at a terminal and saves time and fuel, the terminal might charge you for guarding your vehicle. These charges may affect the advantages of terminal to terminal shipping. In case, you need your car to be delivered at a place which is very difficult to reach then the terminal fees would be much lower than delivering your car at your home. However in most cases door to door shipping is cheaper than terminal to terminal shipping.

2. Avoid transport brokers and deal directly with the carriers
If you directly deal with a carrier, you will have to face serious risks of finding no customer relations department and you may find it difficult to contact them when you need updates. On the other hand a shipping agent helps customers and update them regularly.

Carriers have a limited number of trucks serving a particular location every week. When they are filled with orders, they will only offer later dates for shipping. In those cases, you will find it difficult to search for another carrier who can ship your car at the preferred time. But auto transport carriers have contact with a lot of carriers and can immediately arrange for another carrier who suits your need. They can even arrange for special discounts at terminals.

Shipping brokers will provide you the terms of the shipping at the beginning itself whereas trucking companies will simply show you the contract at the time of pick up.

3. Remove hubcaps and save money while shipping
This thought may have came because that, when you ship your vehicles overseas you may be advised to take down the removable parts of your car and lock them inside the trunk. This idea is simply a misconception because your hubcaps are nowhere related with the price that you are charged for shipping.

However certain things are to be removed due to two reasons: first, carriers will meet very strict weight requirements; and the next is that the items are not insured.

4. Quotes are always correct.
There is also a possibility that the shipping quote may be incorrect. This is possible because in cases when the quote is too high or too low. The pick-up place or destination would have been recorded erroneously. The probability of such a mistake happening would be in the case of two different Michigan cities that have similar sounding names of Lansing and L'Anse. Then the difference in quote may increase up to $500. To avoid this always make sure that the zip codes have been recorded correctly.

5. Shipping cost depends completely on the distance.
Distance is an important factor while charging for shipping but when you compare costs with your friend you may think that you have paid extra money to have your car delivered. Your extra money would have probably covered the difficulties faced to ship your car to a hardly accessible destination. You always must consider the pick up and destination location. Carriers charge more for going off their main route. The more flexible you are for the pick up and delivery dates, lesser you will pay since your carrier need not make additional arrangements to accommodate your request. When evaluating a shipping fee, consider three important factors: distance - accessibility - flexibility.

6. Terminals increase transit delay
Another important myth related to auto transport is that terminals can create increased transit delays. This is also not true because the time that a vehicle spends at a terminal depends entirely on customers requirement and not on the carrier or the terminal.

7. Red cars cost more to insure.
This is a common misconception that red cars cost more to insure. Your entire insurance coverage cost is decided by the Vehicle Identification Number of your car. There is no indication in the VIN regarding the color of your car. Red auto paint will cost more to repair and hence a car insurance company only will incur more charges and not an owner.

8. One claim can cancel your car insurance
It is possible that your car insurance can be canceled after a claim but car insurance companies do have a process that takes a lot of factors into consideration. They will probably look at the number and the amount of claims you have had for the past. The time which you have been with that insurance company would also be considered. Repeated claims entered by customers would be a reason for cancellation but there is no reason to avoid turning in claims if you suffer significant financial loss.

9. High Price
Price is one of the major concerns that arise while shipping a car. You can also hear from people regarding the same. It's true in some cases but it is not the absolute truth. There are a couple of ways with which you can actually save your money. Just compare the charges of service to find the best deal just like you do with other types of services.

If you are relocating to another country then it would be more cheaper to use transport services that ships your car than buying a new vehicle. Also, if you have a valuable or expensive car, then driving that vehicle could cause a lot of hazards that can be avoided if you choose auto moving services.

10. Takes more time to ship
Another myth that usually arises in vehicle moving services is that people say that it is not very fast, and sometimes it's true depending on the situation. Shipping carriers work on a schedule and depending on the company which you choose and what their schedule looks like, it can take a little bit more time to have your vehicle moved. Also, you can choose expedited car moving with which you can move your automobile faster than most other companies, so you will always have an option available to you to have your car moved when you need it to be moved.

Our transport service has been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars. If you are thinking to ship your car, just fill our Online form or mail us to and avail free satisfactory quote from us right now.


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