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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tips to escape from a sinking car

“Accident”- the word itself makes us get frightened when we hear it, that too an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrific. A research has been shown that every year more than three hundred and fifty people are getting trapped in their cars under water and experiencing a terrifying death. The unacceptable fact is that most deaths are a result of panic, not having an idea and also not understanding what is happening to the car when it is inside the water. The very good news about such sort of incidents is that if you are well prepared, your chances of surviving from a water immersion accident will increase.

What you do during the next minute will determine whether you will survive or not

Here given are some tips to be kept in mind when your car is sinking

  1. Once your car has been entered into water it usually takes between two to ten minutes for it to sink fully.

  2. This may occur even quickly, depending on the speed, angle of entry and the physical characteristics of the vehicle.

  3. If you remain calm, there will be an enough time for you to take necessary action to save your life and also the lives of your passengers.

  4. Always give first priority to get the windows down, the main reason for doing this at first is because the window opening is the best escape hatch and should be the first line of exit.

  5. When water hits the car the electric motors that operate the windows will soon become inoperative due to the water immersion.

  6. It is impractical and a waste of time and effort to attempt to open a car door in a vehicle that has just entered the water.

  7. The water pressure gets exerted on the exterior of the door which will not allow you to open the door.

  8. Once a vehicle sinks it may turn sideways or upside down.

  9. Occupants who are not buckled in with a seat belt will float within the vehicle and can easily get confused without knowing the location of the door handles or windows.

  10. If you wear your seat belt means you will remain in your seated position through which you will be able to retain your orientation regardless of what position the vehicle is in.
It may seem obvious - but don't try to save anything unless there is another person in the car that you are trying to save, never go back into a sinking or submerged vehicle for Computers, phones, purses, jewelery, etc. which all can be replaced but not you!

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