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Friday, September 17, 2010

Road traffic accidents in Azerbaijan involved around 10-12% young children

Baku, Fineko/ Public discussion on the problem of child safety on the roads has been held in Baku today.
At the event director of nonschool institution #46 on educational work Farid Suleymanova said that in Azerbaijan 10-12% of the victims of road traffic accidents (RTA) are young children.
Young children road accident safety
"High child mortality rate in road accidents demands to strengthen the process of informing children of school and preschool age about the rules of the road. We offer to celebrate the 21st of November in Azerbaijan as a day of road accident victims as it is accepted worldwide. We intend to hold the first such action on 18 September in our school. In addition, it is necessary to create a monument to victims of traffic accidents and a society of support for road accident victims and their families in order to deal with causes of such situations, enlighten the population, increase the level of behavior culture both pedestrians and motor transport drivers on the road," Suleymanova emphasized.
Aydin Khuduyev, a participant of the conference and the chairman of Sorge, a charity society on children, brought as an example neighboring Georgia where road safety seminars with participation of traffic police representatives are held monthly and suggested to organize similar seminars for drivers in Azerbaijan.
"Azerbaijan should establish a “Safe State” commission under the President’s Office to oversee issues relating to ensuring safety of citizens on road, solve problems of traffic jams affecting negatively psycho-emotional and physical condition of drivers of both private and itinerary transport," he stated.
Addressing to the conference Sulhaddin Gezalov, the director of Technical University’s Road Transport Department, noted that a special commission whose work aims to improve safety on road in Azerbaijan had prepared and submitted to appropriate organs the proposals reflecting population’s problems relating to road transport. In particular, among the suggestions is
removal from service the obsolete motor vehicles failing to meet road safety standards, check the level of safety in all cars imported in the country, improve road infrastructure, itinerary routes of road transport promoting to ‘unload’ some traffic directions during peak hours.
"According to the World Health Organization, half a million of people die while another 10 million people are injured in road accidents around the world every year. For three days car accident toll is the same as the one on air crashes. All that testifies of the level of globality of the problem not only in Azerbaijan but also throughout the world,” he added.
In conclusion, the head of the Baku City Main Traffic Police’s Road Safety Department, Vagif Asadov, pointed out that he backed the idea of National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims.
"Nobody has the right to put their own interests above the interests of the state and one and all must adhere to traffic regulations. I believe that it is necessary to strengthen propaganda in this direction and publish relevant information materials for children and adults in order to improve the culture of behavior on road,” he said.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chrysler expands lease offers under new pact with U.S. Bank

DETROIT -- Chrysler Group has taken another step toward reviving its leasing business by signing an agreement to offer leasing through US Bank. The automaker announced the arrangement in an e-mail to dealers today. Dealers now can offer customers two leasing options: U.S. Bank and Ally Financial.The company is offering leasing only on select models using either finance source: the Chrysler 300 and Town & Country; the Dodge Charger, Grand Caravan, Journey and Nitro, and the Jeep Wrangler and Liberty.

“Starting today, your customers now have a choice of finance sources to lease select vehicles. Special lease rates and residuals are now available through US Bank,” the e-mail said. It is signed by Fred Diaz, Ralph Gilles, Michael Manley and Olivier Francois, CEOs of the Ram, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler brands, respectively.

“While Ally remains our preferred lender, this new relationship with US Bank will now give your customers a choice in lenders and will continue to allow you to write your leasing deals at the most competitive rates and residuals available in the market today,” the message said.Ally has financed about 50 percent of all Chrysler Group's retail sales so far this year, according to a company statement. The move comes a month after Ally Bank announced it was opening leasing to a wider range of customers. Ally lowered the FICO score threshold for lease customers to 620 from 660. A 660 score is on the lower end of prime credit, while a 620 score is on the upper end of subprime.Chrysler has gradually been rebuilding its leasing business after it collapsed during the credit crisis of 2008.

In 2006, when Chrysler Financial was still Chrysler's captive finance company, leases accounted for about 22 percent of the automaker's new-vehicle sales transactions. After Chrysler Financial left the leasing business in 2008, along with most of Chrysler's lenders, the percentage of leases plummeted to under 1 percent of all sales by mid-2009. Leasing has slowly come back since then, accounting for between 4 and 6 percent of Chrysler sales now.

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