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Monday, January 25, 2010

ATA and Truckers Greet the Return of Truck Parking

The US government had recently decided to permanently close 19 safety rest areas and to greet centers made last year by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. But this decision was reversed after the influence of American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Virginia Trucking Association (VTA).

The unexpected resolution to lessen such facilities in the state from 42 to 23 was made for budgetary reasons but was criticized as "the wrong place to cut funds" by the ATA.

Truck drivers reported that they were already lacking parking amenities in Virginia, mainly for interstate freight movements and therefore closing of any of the existing rest stops was considered by many to be an unsafe move. Dale Bennett, VTA President and CEO commented:

"We applaud Gov. McDonnell for taking these steps to help prevent driver fatigue and provide safe, secure parking spaces for truck drivers to comply with federal hours of service regulations."

Gov. McDonnell said that the gates at closed areas will reopen once the workers reconnect power and water, stock traveler information centers; clean the facilities install vending machines and restore the grounds. The Virginia Department of Transportation has decided to spend $3 million from its maintenance reserve fund to activate the facilities until June 30, and will recognize long-term funding during revisions of budget this spring, a state spokesman said. The state also plans to develop the rest areas and welcome centers to make them more outstanding and inviting

A map of the reopened rest areas is available here.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MTA to launch 2010 Campaign to Improve Safety

The Minnesota Trucking Association proclaimed a year-long effort to provide information and training to its members and their drivers to improve road safety. The "Keep Both Hands on the Wheel" campaign will focus on reducing diverted driving by making the truckers, their employers, contractors and the public to follow safe driving habits.

John Hausladen, president of MTA has said that safety is the trucking industry's chief concern and the MTA members and their drivers are dedicated to continue the statewide trend of increasingly safer roads. Though their members are continually focused on safety and education, in 2010 they are urging truckers to make a specific commitment to 'Keep Both Hands on the Wheel.'

The campaign will encourage drivers to keep away from activities that take their hands off the wheel and divert their concentration. The campaign will feature Web-based courses and in-person training for member companies and drivers. MTA has also decided to provide members, truckers and the general public with tips to stay observant

So let's hope that this Campaign will be a successful one and will lead to safer roads...

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Truckers look for Summary Judgment in Clean-Truck Case

American Trucking Association says LA port can't control truck transport services.
The ATA filed its final response in concise with the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles looking for a summary judgment in it's defy to certain aspects of the Port of Los Angeles clean-truck concession requirements.
ATA alleged that few aspects of the port's concession requirements break the federal pre-emption requirement that block state and local entities from regulating motor carrier rates, routes and services.
ATA stated that the Port of Los Angeles is trying to use its concession necessities to cease a motor carrier's power to provide drayage service in the harbor. ATA also stated that the neighboring Port of Long Beach solved this problem by restoring its clean-truck plan's concession necessities with a registration agreement.
The U.S. District Court has planned to hear the ATA's motion and the port's cross motion for summary judgment on Jan. 11 and the judgment expected shortly after that.

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