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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Truck Ban Modified By the Los Angeles Port

Few weeks back we had a post about the new clean-air guideline that comes into effect at the ports on Jan 1st and about the depression that this caused in truckers. But now there is a change being made in this ban.

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission has announced an additional set of changes to the Port of Los Angeles toll to permit truckers to carry on operating their existing trucks past the ban date of Jan. 1, 2010.

The second set of toll amendments are designed to be regular with a Drayage Truck Rule Advisory issued by the California Air Resources Board on Dec. 8.This will allow truckers who have acquired a new truck or retrofit with personal funds to carry on operating their existing truck until April 30, 2010, while waiting for the new truck to be handed over or the retrofit to be installed.

The Port tariff will permit the same extension as CARB for obtaining a truck with private resources. To meet the criteria for the extension based on private purchase of a retrofit, the truck must be a Level 3 retrofit, and it also must enclose a 25 percent NOx reduction capability in order to function in the Port of Los Angeles.

The Long Beach Port newly accepted parallel provisions to its tariff. If the retrofit on order does not have this supplementary NOx reduction ability, it will not meet the San Pedro Bay Ports ecological requirements, so the extension will not be allowed in either port.

Inorder to sign up for this new extension, truckers are required to register on both the State and Port Drayage Truck Registry by Dec. 30, and they must also provide a copy of an acquisition order or other proofs of an obligation of funds for the new truck or retrofit to CARB by Dec. 31.

The State has committed to send stickers permitting admission into ports and rail yards statewide to make the truckers eligible by Jan. 15, 2010. The two ports have decided to update their electronic gate entry system for entry into port terminals by the same date, Jan. 15, 2010.

We hope that this will now relieve the truckers to some extent.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trucking jobs threatened by Chrysler and GM

The GM Co. and Chrysler, promised the preservation of U.S jobs, by taking billions of dollars from the U.S tax payers, but now are threatening the Union jobs to vulnerable situations.
general motors
They are aggressively reducing the costs by employing cheap, non-union car hauling companies to transport vehicles from factories to dealer lots, putting people out of work. "Many of these replacement drivers come with little experience, inadequate training, no accountability and inadequate equipment," the letters say in the report. The money was to preserve good jobs and keep the industries alive.
"It's particularly offensive that GM and Fiat-Chrysler are taking the lead in cutting corners, threatening the safety and economic security of the taxpayers and car buyers who have footed the bill - tens of billions of dollars - to bail them out," said by Rosemary Shahan, founder and president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety

Already, nearly 400 jobs are cut since Oct 1, when GM and Chrysler moved to their new business model. It is known that the average rate of unemployment is higher in Detroit than the national average unemployment rate.

Before, auto industry was in Obama's hand but now in the hands of Chrysler and GM.

posted by All America Auto Transport @ 9:09 PM permanent link  

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Trusted-shipper System For Truckers Attracts Drug Smugglers

The U.S government's trusted-shipper system that offers a speedy passage across American borders for trusted trucking companies has started attracting the Mexican drug smugglers.

Almost all the trucks enrolled in the program stop at the border for just 20 seconds before entering the United States. And nearly nine out of 10 of them do so without anyone looking at their cargo.

But among the few trucks that were inspected, authorities have found several loads of illegal imports, together with eight tons of marijuana seized during one week in April.

Due such problems some professionals have now started questioning whether the program makes sense at a time when drug traffickers are willing to do almost anything to smuggle their consignments into the U.S.

This system "just tells the bad guys who to target," said Dave McIntyre, former director of the Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University.

The system actually works like this: the companies that are involved agree to follow certain security measures in exchange for fast entry into the U.S. They are forced to put their employees through backdrop checks, fence in their amenities and track their trucks. They are also requested to work with subcontractors who also have been specialized under this system, which is run by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

The government maintains the list of participants as a secret record, citing national security and trade secrets. But some of the 9,500 companies who are part of the system publicize their membership to boost up their business, making them targets for smugglers, who can then intimidate drivers or offer them bribes.

Almost more than half of all U.S. imports now come from companies in the program, called the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, or C-TPAT. Trucking companies from Mexican make up only 6 percent of global membership in the system, but they account for half of its 71 security breaches during the past two years.

Mexican trucking companies face high inspections than others. They get a full customs check every year, instead of every three years like other participating companies.

posted by All America Auto Transport @ 1:50 AM permanent link  

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Monday, December 14, 2009

'Milestone' electric truck deal - A Great Milestone For Modec

A-great-milestone-for-MODECModec Ltd, an electric van manufacturing company in Coventry has signed a "milestone" agreement with a US firm to jointly produce zero-carbon trucks in North and South America.

Modec Ltd was established in September 2004 and employs 85 staffs at its plant on Binley Industrial Estate.

It was honored a £23m grant by the US government for the Navistar venture in August.

The founder of this successful organization is, Lord Jamie Borwick. He said: "The expectation is we will be bringing in a second shift in Coventry starting from next autumn."

Modec finance director Colin Mills said: "It's been a great milestone for us and something we've been working on for the past six months."

"It gives us a global sales channel all the way from Coventry through to North and South America, which is a big beginning for such a small company."

Earlier this year the regional development agency Advantage West Midlands has lent Modec a government loan of £4mm for its business plan.

Business Minister Pat McFadden on visiting the plant on Thursday said that the public investment had helped to secure skilled jobs in the West Midlands region and has also helped to develop the UK supply chain.

posted by All America Auto Transport @ 2:36 AM permanent link  

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Illinois Truck Drivers To Get Moving Faster On Interstates

The Illinois truckers were restricted to drive at a speed of 55-miles-per-hour on rural interstates but recently the Illinois Department of Transportation has decided to increase the limit 65-miles-per-hour at the beginning of next year.

The change in the speed limit will now let them travel at the same speed as other drivers and it also helps them to reach their destination earlier.

Transportation Department spokesman Paris Ervin said the workers will start removing and modifying the old speed limit signs during the week of January 4th and he also said that this would cost about $75,000.

The Enforcement of the new speed limit for truckers begins from Jan. In order to avoid confusion the Illinois State Police has asked state transportation department to wait to change the speed limit signs until after that date.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Truckers In Los Angeles And Long Beach Ports In Great Depression


"There will be no Christmas for us this year," this was said by Romero the President of port drivers association. The new clean-air guideline that comes into effect at the ports on Jan 1st is what has made him say this. The new clean-air guideline will be prohibiting all pre-1994 trucks and 1994-2003 rigs that have not been retrofitted with pricey diesel particulate filters.

The bans are part of the highly appreciated "clean trucks" initiative. The authorities say that they have already cut poisonous emissions about 70% since its introduction in October 2008 at the nation's busiest harbor complex. At the same time the state clean-air regulation are into effect from Jan. 1.

Many praise the move toward greener technology in the so-called diesel alley corridor of south L.A. County, where port pollution has been blamed for eminent cancer rates, widespread asthma and other health diseases. Ports countrywide are considering similar bans.

Some guess that the ban will be refusing more than 5,000 truckers from entering the main source of service but no one knows it for sure. Many, truckers are already staggering from the effects of the recession.

A group of truckers protested very strongly earlier this month in Los Angeles. But officials say that they are helpless.

"This is hitting us hard," said Nelson Romero, president of the National Port Drivers Assn. The group that said this has more than 1,000 members and they are eagerly waiting to extend the Jan. 1 deadline. "It's not fair that everything falls on us."

"We do sympathize with these guys -- everyone's struggling to hold on to a job these days," said Art Wong, a spokesman for the Port of Long Beach. "But the public health risk here is so great that we need to move ahead with this ban on the trucks."

Most of them were aware of the future ban for more than a year. "I don't think I could have afforded a new truck without the government's help," said Alejandro Flores, 45, who used a government grant to buy a 2009 rig that runs on liquefied natural gas.Only a few of them own new vehicles with latest technology and a majority do not have enough money for the monthly payments, even with subventions.

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