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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Auto Shipping Companies hope for more of electric cars to be shipped from 2030 onwards

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Electric car sales could jump to 86 percent of U.S. light vehicle sales in 2030 if customers don't have to purchase batteries themselves, according to a University of California, Berkeley study to be released on Monday.
A company named Better Place and emerging competitors plan to offer pay-per-mile plans, similar to cell phone minutes. A family would buy a car but Better Place would own the battery, offer charging stations, and swap out batteries as required extending the driving range.
The cost of constructing charging systems will be more than $320 billion over the next couple of decades, although health-related savings due to less vehicle pollution could be $210 billion, according to the study by economist Thomas Becker.
The main advantage to drivers would be cars with price tags and operating costs similar to or less than gasoline models.
Renault-Nissan is manufacturing cars for the Better Place project. Better Place has said its system would be cheaper than using gasoline. The Berkeley analysis predicted the per-mile cost of making and charging batteries, including the cost of constructing a charging system, would be similar to or piercingly less than a gasoline car, depending mainly on whether prices of petrol rise.
Hence most of the car transport companies hope for more electric cars to be shipped from 2030 onwards.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tesla receives $465 million low interest loan from US DOE

Tesla recently released its Model S featuring,

  • Seats 7 people (5 adults + 2 child)

  • Increased cargo space than any other models in Sedan family

  • 300 miles per charge

  • With a 45 minute quick charge

  • Offers 100 percent torque

Out of the $465 million, $365 million dollars will be used for its assembling production engineering. The rest $100 million will be used for a powertrain manufacturing plant. This facility will supply other automakers all - electric powertrain solutions and will employ about 650 people.

Roadsters also designed by Tesla are the first battery powered vehicle to travel more than 200 miles per charge. Now the release of Model S is another boom to the auto industry.

The Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program is devoted to encourage automakers that produce more fuel efficient vehicles. These loans are a part of ATVM (Advanced Technology Manufacturing Program) and will be used with the strict intention with which the congress has intended.

Tesla's base price would be $49,900 with an additional $7,500 US federal tax credit. Its planned to release in 2011, and the reservations are now open. Tesla CEO and Product Architect Mr. Elon Musk, commented that " We are honored that the US government selected Tesla to be among the first companies to participate in this progressive program."

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