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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Varities of auto transport trailers

When a vehicle has to be transported from one place to another, people depend on
transport companies. These companies have different types of transport trailers to do the work for them. Each trailer is different to suit the vehicle that has to be transported. So, do a thorough research about the varieties of transport trailers available and choose the one that suits your needs and your budget. You should also take into account the reliability of the company and the experience it has in handling such a service and the personnel involved in the process. All the details that you require should be given to you so that you do not face problems at the last moment.
The two main varieties of transport trailers are:
Tractor trailer trucks

1. Tractor trailer trucks can carry many vehicles and are good choice for discount shipping. They are slow and have difficulty in traveling in residential areas.

Pick Up Style Trucks2. Pick up style trucks also called 'hotshots' are a more expensive option. They have the advantage of traveling faster and can travel in residential areas.
Both these varieties come in open and enclosed varieties. So, you have to make a choice between an open and an enclosed transport trailer.

Open Auto Car Transport

1.In the open transport trailer the vehicle will be open to the weather and atmospheric conditions during the time it is being transported. Thus there is possibility of damage to the car. This method of transport is cheaper than the enclosed trailer.

2.In the enclosed transport trailer, the vehicle will be placed in an enclosed Enclosed Auto Car Vehicle Transporttrailer. This will offer protection from the atmospheric and weather conditions. This is much more expensive than an open trailer for transporting your vehicle. Some have additional features such as lift gates for safe horizontal loading, ramp gates for long wheelbase vehicles and winches for vehicles that are inoperable.

After this you have to choose between a multi-car trailer and a single-car trailer.

Multi Car Trailer Trucks1.When you choose a multi car trailer you will be generally choosing an open trailer which will carry as many as three to twelve cars at one time. This will take more time and you should be on time for pick u and delivery of your car. Many other cars will also travel in the same trailer and there should be coordination so that all the vehicles reach their destination at the right time. Cars are generally placed in two racks in the trailer. You have to choose between the top and the bottom area of the trailer. If the car is placed on the top while being transported, it might be hit by the branches of trees and thus cause damage. If the car is kept in the lower rack, the oil from the cars above might spill on your car and damage it. You can choose which ever is comfortable for you.

2.Some people might go in for a single car trailer, if a car has to be sent very quickly. This is also an open trailer but is as expensive as an enclosed trailer. This service is only for one car that will be picked up and delivered.

Flat bed Trailer TrucksThe flatbed trailer is used when the car is too big or has been modified. The price of this method of transport will depend on how many other cars are being shipped with it and how big the car is.
With so many varieties to choose from, you should understand your own needs and the budget that you can afford. Depending on these factors you should choose the right auto shipper for your requirements. You should also find out about the cost, the insurance offered and other relevant details before you decide on the type of vehicle transport.


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