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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uses of Auto Transport Software

automobiles were transported from one place to another Nowadays the computer has become an important part of our daily life. We need it everywhere - right from our homes to the supermarket, to the schools, the factory, auctions, buying and selling of all products. So, we need it also in transporting our vehicles, too.

Earlier, if automobiles were transported from one place to another we would just have to wait for a phone call or rely on the branch of the company in the town for information about the vehicle. With auto shipping software, things have become very easy. With the click of a button we can have access to all information. This simplifies the whole process of auto move. The transport history of the automobile is available at once. The license and insurance of each vehicle that is transported is checked before the order is taken.

You need a computer with an internet connection to use the auto shipping software. You can use it anywhere at any time to get the necessary information.
For online use, you have -
Log in by user and user level security.
Back end login for the broker
Front end login for customers. This includes shipping status of the vehicle with notes.

Once the data is entered and the quote requested, the software will update the details throughout the shipping process.
When the job is assigned to a trucker or when the job is canceled, the data is deleted from the central database. It gives the job to the truckers by the route taken by them. By the 'one click fax', the trucker is given the paperwork that is necessary for the job.

The software has 'one click fax' which gives the daily jobs that have to be followed in the work flow process.
This includes - waiting for a quote, waiting for the approval by the customer, the posting of orders from the central office to the trucker, orders to assign the truckers, knowing the payment that is pending, knowing the payment that is paid, knowing orders that are canceled. It includes keeping a record of the customer information for future billing order history. They also have the trucker's history, so that bad experience with truckers can be known.

The database includes all the information that has to be known while transporting automobiles. This includes-
1. Customer information, their order, their login user name and password and address for billing and shipping the vehicle.
2. Automation of the database which includes e-mail to customers who request quotes and has a log in to 'my account' feature.
3. Orders include customer information, pick and drop off of the vehicle, order processing, assigning the trucker for the job and bill CC, auto faxing which includes faxing the forms to the truckers with the click of one button.
4. It has also the details of the truckers - It has all the contact information, all their routes and all the previous information about loads completed.
5. All the data is cross referenced from the customers to the orders to the truckers.

The features of the auto transport software that are useful are:
There is a follow up of e-mail to the customer throughout the process at every step.
The client can log in, check the order status and also reorder.
There is automatic credit card processing.
The Carrier Auto form is automatically faxed.
It is automatically dispatched to multiple dispatch sites.
There are daily automatic reminders.
The order will be able to list all the carriers for each route taken.

Thus, the whole process starts when a quote is received. A reply is made to the quote. Then the quote is updated to an order. After this the job is given to the trucker and the auto fax of the papers is sent to the trucker. The client is billed and the receipt is sent to him. Once the payment is made the order is closed.

This software gives the facility of searching by various categories such as- order, customer, date, trucker and the routes. Cross reference to all of them is also available.

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