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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things You Need To Know For E-Bay Auto and Car Purchase

With the advent of the computer you get access to sites like the e-bay which is a great place to purchase a car that fits your requirements and helps you save. Many people list their cars on e-bay. So, you get dealers as well as individuals who want to sell their cars. You can make a survey and compare the price of a model in the market. The dealers are generally selling their excess inventory. The individuals generally want to sell their car quickly as they are selling their old car or are moving elsewhere. This results in good deals. In an e-bay auction the seller pays for each auction that is listed and he wants to sell quickly. On the other hand, a dealer will not clinch a deal if he cannot make a great profit.

You can get all the details that you need about the sale from the 'e-bay question and answer system'. You can publicly get all the information you need about the car. This is as formal, official and legally binding just like the discussion at the back room of a dealer. You can check the feedback system and find out if the seller has sold any other cars earlier on e-bay. You should read the comments left by the other buyers. This will help you making a bid. You can also get the details of the name of the dealer or the individual so that you can do your own check to find out about the seller. You can also check the dealer's BBB rating online.

Auto car odometer You should check the history of the car that you are interested in buying on e-bay. The dealer should be able to give you a Carfax report. This will give you the details of the maintenance history, the accidents, if any, the car has been involved in or odometer fraud. With the VIN or the vehicle identification number you can get the reports for one car or a number of cars for a fee. If the car is purchased from a source close to your home, you can check out the car personally before making a decision about the final purchase. If it is far away, you can pay a fee and get the car checked. All the dealings should be in writing and not just oral agreements. The seller should fax you a copy of the title and maintenance records.

On e-bay, you bid, you win and you pay. So, you should read the fine print carefully. This will give you details like, dents or damages in the car. It might also tell you about the method of payment and who pays for an escrow service fee.

The payment should not be made by personal checks or money orders. You should choose a safe option and you can pay through credit cards. You should also choose a safe and legitimate escrow company vehicle identification numberwhich will act as a mediator for the buyer and the seller to ensure that the car is what you had placed the order for. It will also make sure that the funds have come through before it is passed on to the buyer or the seller. You should make a thorough check before choosing the escrow company, as there are many cases of fraud cropping up. You should check the VIN number when you get the car, to see that it matches with the car listed on e-bay.

Besides these points you should be careful and know the other things that you have to pay for. Some of things might include:
1.You should know the extra costs for taking delivery of the car. You should know the shipping costs if it is being sent to you from a far away place.

2.You should check on the title, registration and taxes that you have to pay from the local DMV.

3.The dealer's fee might be listed in fine print. So, read the fine print carefully.

fuel_energy_efficiency To make the whole deal and easy and successful one:

1.You should first narrow down your search by knowing the type of car you need. You should check the ratings and the fuel efficiency. Then you should search for the car you are interested in.

2.You should fix the price limit that you want to set for bidding. E-bay will go on bidding till the price limit is reached.

3.Check the car out thoroughly and do not be carried away by the pictures or the descriptions.

4.You should not bid in a hurry. Bid only when you want to buy the car. Ask all the questions you want before you make a bid.

5.You should have the finances ready before you go to e-bay.

If after you have taken all these precautions and things go wrong, there are ways of handling it.

1.If a small dent is seen on the car after delivery, the seller might fix it and even deduct some money for it.

2.Some cars come under the 'short term service agreement'. By this, there is a free short term service arrangement by which the car's engine and transmission is covered for a month after the auction's close date. This does not apply to cars that are ten years or older.

3.If there is a major problem you can avail of the services of the dispute mediation services of e-bay. You should make a report to the e-bay fraud center, the local police and the state attorney general.

So, e-bay is a great place to bid for a car and buy it. If you know exactly what you want to buy, you can check the listings, check it out thoroughly and then bid for it. It would be best to examine the car before buying it.

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