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Monday, June 01, 2009

Procedure for Auto Transport Business Start Up

commercial_truck_car There are many people who will be interested in transporting their vehicles from one place to another. People move from one place to another when they change their work place. Car dealers and people who collect antique cars, people who are race car drivers - all need the services of auto transport. So it is indeed a very good business to start. As you proceed in the business you will learn a lot as you are involved in the business.

The first thing to do would be to invest in good trucking software. This will give you all the details that you need while doing auto transport business. It will keep track using mileage and fuel costs calculator. The accounts will be kept in order. It will track the driver time and keep all the other details needed for the auto transport business. There are companies which develop the software and also offer training and support for those who use it.

truck_bus_driving When you start an auto transport business, you should all the essential license and permits. You must have the commercial driver's license (CDL). The company should be registered with the United States Department of Transportation. You should contact the United States Department of Transportation and the Interstate Operating Authority or go to their website to get details about all the permits and licenses required to start the business. The license that is obtained should be kept up to date. For this you should contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which has a database containing all the auto transport carriers and logistics companies.

The next thing to take care would be the insurance aspect. You should get insurance coverage for each vehicle that you transport. You should choose an insurance company that will sell surety bonds which will your finances as well as that of your business. You should go reputed insurance companies who will be able to know your particular needs and help you.

You should then contact various websites that deal in cars and trucks, and advertise your business on it. This way you will be able to reach out to many people who might want to transport their vehicle. These websites should be established and genuine, so that you get good business out of it.

You can register with an auto transport broker. They will give the customers quotes online. You should choose only brokers who follow the guidelines laid down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

vehicle-types There are many things that you should take into account while running an auto transport business. You should first keep track of the fuel costs and also the fuel efficiency of the auto transport vehicles that you are using. Fuel prices will change from State to State. The price will also rise. So while drawing up a contract, you should keep all these factors in mind.

The next thing will be to lease a truck when there are more people asking for auto transport services than your present inventory can handle. When you have enough business to keep all your trucks fully busy, then go in for a new truck to transport vehicles.

Some of the benefits that customers look for in an auto moving company are: door to door delivery, flexible payment modes, reliable services, reasonable price and good customer service. If all the rules and regulation are taken care of and different varieties of vehicle transport invested in or leased, you can start up an auto shipping business and do well, as many need these kinds of service.

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