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Monday, June 29, 2009

Vehicle transport Plans for Full GPS Carrier Integrations:

vehicle transport believes that the solutions for transport cost reduction and added customer savings is the use of GPS tracking system for truck transport.

The process of monitoring auto shipping through GPS, known also as GPS Tracking System, has proved efficient for over a decade.

GPS tracking offers the possibility of monitoring in real time each truck transports and delivering multiple information connected with the related status of the automobile (speed, location, fuel) along with revised pick-up and delivering schedules.

Tracking helps dispatch monitors and logistic coordinators assist and control carrier routing and shipments lane efficiency. Through the execution of this system, the work procedure of drivers has changed.

There are less divergence of the established routes, fuel consumption and miles covered outside work time. GPS Tracking reduces the premature injure of transporters and dramatically decreases fuel consumption.

As a result, car haulers are spending less capital on maintenance and fuel. These expense reductions will be passed along to the customer with reduced tariffs. Auto Transport plans to have a fully integrated GPS carrier network by fall 2010.

All America Auto Transporter's extensive carrier network offers a full range of provincial and national less-than-truck load (LTL) and truckload (TL) auto shipments. Added services include open and enclosed vehicle transports with winch and lift gate equipment. The services are fully insured and door-to-door.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Renew Contracts for Digital Ally In-Car Video Systems from Four More States:

Digital Ally, Inc, which produces and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland defense and commercial security applications, today proclaimed that Mississippi, New Mexico, Utah and Wisconsin have renewed their statewide contracts with Digital Ally, Inc.

The renewal are for one-year period and allows all state, county and public law enforcement agencies to acquire the Company's digital in-car video systems under the terms and conditions specified in each state's contract.

Adding to the contract renewal by the State of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Patrol has structured 145 DVM-500 plus In-Car Rearview Mirror Systems, the majority of which will be shipped in the second quarter of 2009.

The Company also proclaimed the receipt of an order for 43 DVM-750 In-Car Rearview Mirror Systems, with the wireless uploading feature, from the Green Bay Police Department in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The DVM-750, Digital Ally's most advanced digital in-car video system, includes significant upgrades and enrichments to the Company's legacy DVM-500 model.

These new features contain the ability to connect up to four cameras and then select two cameras plus three audio channels for concurrent recording, enhanced security features, a higher-resolution LCD screen, and an advanced wireless microphone (the Voice Vault(TM)) with a range of up to one mile and on-board memory that can record audio evidence when the law enforcement officer is beyond the range of the in-car recording device. Digital Ally began transporting the DVM-750 to customers earlier this quarter.

"We continue to be satisfied with the renewal of statewide contracts, which illustrates a high level of customer fulfillment with our advanced surveillance products among law enforcement agencies all through United States," stated Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc. "The combination of contract renewals with a big order for DVM-500 Plus systems from the State of Wisconsin is mainly encouraging. Additionally, the number of DVM-500 Plus systems that we have in record will allow us to transport the majority of this order in the quarter ending June 30, 2009."

"In the meantime, the interest in our new feature-rich DVM-750 continues to grow among existing customers and larger law enforcement agencies that we were unable to effectively target with our DVM-500 series. Metropolitan law enforcement agencies, such as the Green Bay Police Department, usually require a greater level of complexity and capabilities when selecting surveillance systems than is the case with smaller cities and towns, and the amount of contract opportunities available to Digital Ally has increased significantly since the introduction of the DVM-750," concluded Ross.

You need Safety Car shipping Visit Auto Shipping in America.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

$128 Million Allocated to Transportation Projects to Expand State's Economy:

The California Transportation Commission today allocated $128 million to 75 transportation projects statewide, including $36 million in economic stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).

Contractor's bids have been significantly lower than expected on several Caltrans Recovery Act projects that received funding earlier this spring. In its ongoing effort to maximize all Recovery Act dollars coming to California, Caltrans will use the savings from these projects to fund other projects that would not have otherwise received funding. $25 million of the total stimulus funds allocated today were made possible through these savings.

Highlights of today's allocations include:

  • $11 million from the Recovery Act to install roadside fencing at various locations statewide to protect motorists from wildlife and to plant native trees and shrubs to prevent erosion and safeguard water quality.

  • $11 million from the Recovery Act to install signs in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to warn vehicles of height restrictions on freeway overpasses, viaducts, grade separations, etc.

  • $14 million to reduce traffic congestion and freeway noise on I-8 in El Cajon in San Diego County.

  • $29 million to make safety improvements on I-110 in Los Angeles from 8th Street to the I-110/I-10 connector that eliminate the need for vehicles to weave in traffic.

You Need All America state Auto (or) car Shipping services Visit:

For information about all please visit California Transportation

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Car Shipping from United States the solution for busy moving season.

All America Auto Transport is working hard to make the busy moving season as less painful for its customers as possible. AAAT is sharing some tips and Technique with the potential customers to save time and money while shipping their Car vehicles.

As the start of moving season is put and as more and more Americans are relocating their homes to pursue their educational or career goals, they often find themselves in a search of dependable moving and transport companies to move not only their household items but their vehicles at the same time. Shipping a car is a convenient and economical alternative to purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle.

AAAT is striving to meet the unique needs of their customers providing outstanding service during the busy moving season. AAAT is able to ship your car providing open or enclosed door to door transport service eliminating terminal and storage fees and any hassle to its customers.

The shipping experts at All America Auto Transport work closely with relocation specialists as well as car dealerships, logistics managers, and household moving companies, providing the best customer service in the industry to clients looking for an all in one option for moving their cars overseas as well as transporting their vehicles throughout the US.

Need a Shipping Quote?

Click here for our instant automated quote response in most cases, but within 24 hours. The categories we ship are: Cars, Pick-up Trucks, Oversize Vehicles(6'6''H x 17'Long), Other Trucks, Convertibles, Vans, Mini-Vans.

or call (800) CAR SHIPPING / (800) 227-7447 for questions or a quote.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discount Auto Transport

auto_truck You can find many discount shipping companies in U.S. that will transport your vehicles to your desired destination. Before selecting an auto transporter you can obtain quote of the total cost from at least three reputable car service providers. You don't have to visit each shipping company for finding their cost, just visit their website and fill in all the details in the form. They will get back to you with their price within 24 hours. Do a lot of research work and read reviews of the company. Also find out do the companies provide insurance for your car. If any damages occur to your vehicle while in transit you can claim damages, if any, from the insurance company.

tank_of_car Make sure that you have a small amount of gas in the tank of the car or trunk. All the alarms in the vehicle should be disabled. Do not leave any personal items in the car, as insurance company is not responsible for the safety of these items.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things You Need To Know For E-Bay Auto and Car Purchase

With the advent of the computer you get access to sites like the e-bay which is a great place to purchase a car that fits your requirements and helps you save. Many people list their cars on e-bay. So, you get dealers as well as individuals who want to sell their cars. You can make a survey and compare the price of a model in the market. The dealers are generally selling their excess inventory. The individuals generally want to sell their car quickly as they are selling their old car or are moving elsewhere. This results in good deals. In an e-bay auction the seller pays for each auction that is listed and he wants to sell quickly. On the other hand, a dealer will not clinch a deal if he cannot make a great profit.

You can get all the details that you need about the sale from the 'e-bay question and answer system'. You can publicly get all the information you need about the car. This is as formal, official and legally binding just like the discussion at the back room of a dealer. You can check the feedback system and find out if the seller has sold any other cars earlier on e-bay. You should read the comments left by the other buyers. This will help you making a bid. You can also get the details of the name of the dealer or the individual so that you can do your own check to find out about the seller. You can also check the dealer's BBB rating online.

Auto car odometer You should check the history of the car that you are interested in buying on e-bay. The dealer should be able to give you a Carfax report. This will give you the details of the maintenance history, the accidents, if any, the car has been involved in or odometer fraud. With the VIN or the vehicle identification number you can get the reports for one car or a number of cars for a fee. If the car is purchased from a source close to your home, you can check out the car personally before making a decision about the final purchase. If it is far away, you can pay a fee and get the car checked. All the dealings should be in writing and not just oral agreements. The seller should fax you a copy of the title and maintenance records.

On e-bay, you bid, you win and you pay. So, you should read the fine print carefully. This will give you details like, dents or damages in the car. It might also tell you about the method of payment and who pays for an escrow service fee.

The payment should not be made by personal checks or money orders. You should choose a safe option and you can pay through credit cards. You should also choose a safe and legitimate escrow company vehicle identification numberwhich will act as a mediator for the buyer and the seller to ensure that the car is what you had placed the order for. It will also make sure that the funds have come through before it is passed on to the buyer or the seller. You should make a thorough check before choosing the escrow company, as there are many cases of fraud cropping up. You should check the VIN number when you get the car, to see that it matches with the car listed on e-bay.

Besides these points you should be careful and know the other things that you have to pay for. Some of things might include:
1.You should know the extra costs for taking delivery of the car. You should know the shipping costs if it is being sent to you from a far away place.

2.You should check on the title, registration and taxes that you have to pay from the local DMV.

3.The dealer's fee might be listed in fine print. So, read the fine print carefully.

fuel_energy_efficiency To make the whole deal and easy and successful one:

1.You should first narrow down your search by knowing the type of car you need. You should check the ratings and the fuel efficiency. Then you should search for the car you are interested in.

2.You should fix the price limit that you want to set for bidding. E-bay will go on bidding till the price limit is reached.

3.Check the car out thoroughly and do not be carried away by the pictures or the descriptions.

4.You should not bid in a hurry. Bid only when you want to buy the car. Ask all the questions you want before you make a bid.

5.You should have the finances ready before you go to e-bay.

If after you have taken all these precautions and things go wrong, there are ways of handling it.

1.If a small dent is seen on the car after delivery, the seller might fix it and even deduct some money for it.

2.Some cars come under the 'short term service agreement'. By this, there is a free short term service arrangement by which the car's engine and transmission is covered for a month after the auction's close date. This does not apply to cars that are ten years or older.

3.If there is a major problem you can avail of the services of the dispute mediation services of e-bay. You should make a report to the e-bay fraud center, the local police and the state attorney general.

So, e-bay is a great place to bid for a car and buy it. If you know exactly what you want to buy, you can check the listings, check it out thoroughly and then bid for it. It would be best to examine the car before buying it.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uses of Auto Transport Software

automobiles were transported from one place to another Nowadays the computer has become an important part of our daily life. We need it everywhere - right from our homes to the supermarket, to the schools, the factory, auctions, buying and selling of all products. So, we need it also in transporting our vehicles, too.

Earlier, if automobiles were transported from one place to another we would just have to wait for a phone call or rely on the branch of the company in the town for information about the vehicle. With auto shipping software, things have become very easy. With the click of a button we can have access to all information. This simplifies the whole process of auto move. The transport history of the automobile is available at once. The license and insurance of each vehicle that is transported is checked before the order is taken.

You need a computer with an internet connection to use the auto shipping software. You can use it anywhere at any time to get the necessary information.
For online use, you have -
Log in by user and user level security.
Back end login for the broker
Front end login for customers. This includes shipping status of the vehicle with notes.

Once the data is entered and the quote requested, the software will update the details throughout the shipping process.
When the job is assigned to a trucker or when the job is canceled, the data is deleted from the central database. It gives the job to the truckers by the route taken by them. By the 'one click fax', the trucker is given the paperwork that is necessary for the job.

The software has 'one click fax' which gives the daily jobs that have to be followed in the work flow process.
This includes - waiting for a quote, waiting for the approval by the customer, the posting of orders from the central office to the trucker, orders to assign the truckers, knowing the payment that is pending, knowing the payment that is paid, knowing orders that are canceled. It includes keeping a record of the customer information for future billing order history. They also have the trucker's history, so that bad experience with truckers can be known.

The database includes all the information that has to be known while transporting automobiles. This includes-
1. Customer information, their order, their login user name and password and address for billing and shipping the vehicle.
2. Automation of the database which includes e-mail to customers who request quotes and has a log in to 'my account' feature.
3. Orders include customer information, pick and drop off of the vehicle, order processing, assigning the trucker for the job and bill CC, auto faxing which includes faxing the forms to the truckers with the click of one button.
4. It has also the details of the truckers - It has all the contact information, all their routes and all the previous information about loads completed.
5. All the data is cross referenced from the customers to the orders to the truckers.

The features of the auto transport software that are useful are:
There is a follow up of e-mail to the customer throughout the process at every step.
The client can log in, check the order status and also reorder.
There is automatic credit card processing.
The Carrier Auto form is automatically faxed.
It is automatically dispatched to multiple dispatch sites.
There are daily automatic reminders.
The order will be able to list all the carriers for each route taken.

Thus, the whole process starts when a quote is received. A reply is made to the quote. Then the quote is updated to an order. After this the job is given to the trucker and the auto fax of the papers is sent to the trucker. The client is billed and the receipt is sent to him. Once the payment is made the order is closed.

This software gives the facility of searching by various categories such as- order, customer, date, trucker and the routes. Cross reference to all of them is also available.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Varities of auto transport trailers

When a vehicle has to be transported from one place to another, people depend on
transport companies. These companies have different types of transport trailers to do the work for them. Each trailer is different to suit the vehicle that has to be transported. So, do a thorough research about the varieties of transport trailers available and choose the one that suits your needs and your budget. You should also take into account the reliability of the company and the experience it has in handling such a service and the personnel involved in the process. All the details that you require should be given to you so that you do not face problems at the last moment.
The two main varieties of transport trailers are:
Tractor trailer trucks

1. Tractor trailer trucks can carry many vehicles and are good choice for discount shipping. They are slow and have difficulty in traveling in residential areas.

Pick Up Style Trucks2. Pick up style trucks also called 'hotshots' are a more expensive option. They have the advantage of traveling faster and can travel in residential areas.
Both these varieties come in open and enclosed varieties. So, you have to make a choice between an open and an enclosed transport trailer.

Open Auto Car Transport

1.In the open transport trailer the vehicle will be open to the weather and atmospheric conditions during the time it is being transported. Thus there is possibility of damage to the car. This method of transport is cheaper than the enclosed trailer.

2.In the enclosed transport trailer, the vehicle will be placed in an enclosed Enclosed Auto Car Vehicle Transporttrailer. This will offer protection from the atmospheric and weather conditions. This is much more expensive than an open trailer for transporting your vehicle. Some have additional features such as lift gates for safe horizontal loading, ramp gates for long wheelbase vehicles and winches for vehicles that are inoperable.

After this you have to choose between a multi-car trailer and a single-car trailer.

Multi Car Trailer Trucks1.When you choose a multi car trailer you will be generally choosing an open trailer which will carry as many as three to twelve cars at one time. This will take more time and you should be on time for pick u and delivery of your car. Many other cars will also travel in the same trailer and there should be coordination so that all the vehicles reach their destination at the right time. Cars are generally placed in two racks in the trailer. You have to choose between the top and the bottom area of the trailer. If the car is placed on the top while being transported, it might be hit by the branches of trees and thus cause damage. If the car is kept in the lower rack, the oil from the cars above might spill on your car and damage it. You can choose which ever is comfortable for you.

2.Some people might go in for a single car trailer, if a car has to be sent very quickly. This is also an open trailer but is as expensive as an enclosed trailer. This service is only for one car that will be picked up and delivered.

Flat bed Trailer TrucksThe flatbed trailer is used when the car is too big or has been modified. The price of this method of transport will depend on how many other cars are being shipped with it and how big the car is.
With so many varieties to choose from, you should understand your own needs and the budget that you can afford. Depending on these factors you should choose the right auto shipper for your requirements. You should also find out about the cost, the insurance offered and other relevant details before you decide on the type of vehicle transport.


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Monday, June 01, 2009

Procedure for Auto Transport Business Start Up

commercial_truck_car There are many people who will be interested in transporting their vehicles from one place to another. People move from one place to another when they change their work place. Car dealers and people who collect antique cars, people who are race car drivers - all need the services of auto transport. So it is indeed a very good business to start. As you proceed in the business you will learn a lot as you are involved in the business.

The first thing to do would be to invest in good trucking software. This will give you all the details that you need while doing auto transport business. It will keep track using mileage and fuel costs calculator. The accounts will be kept in order. It will track the driver time and keep all the other details needed for the auto transport business. There are companies which develop the software and also offer training and support for those who use it.

truck_bus_driving When you start an auto transport business, you should all the essential license and permits. You must have the commercial driver's license (CDL). The company should be registered with the United States Department of Transportation. You should contact the United States Department of Transportation and the Interstate Operating Authority or go to their website to get details about all the permits and licenses required to start the business. The license that is obtained should be kept up to date. For this you should contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which has a database containing all the auto transport carriers and logistics companies.

The next thing to take care would be the insurance aspect. You should get insurance coverage for each vehicle that you transport. You should choose an insurance company that will sell surety bonds which will your finances as well as that of your business. You should go reputed insurance companies who will be able to know your particular needs and help you.

You should then contact various websites that deal in cars and trucks, and advertise your business on it. This way you will be able to reach out to many people who might want to transport their vehicle. These websites should be established and genuine, so that you get good business out of it.

You can register with an auto transport broker. They will give the customers quotes online. You should choose only brokers who follow the guidelines laid down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

vehicle-types There are many things that you should take into account while running an auto transport business. You should first keep track of the fuel costs and also the fuel efficiency of the auto transport vehicles that you are using. Fuel prices will change from State to State. The price will also rise. So while drawing up a contract, you should keep all these factors in mind.

The next thing will be to lease a truck when there are more people asking for auto transport services than your present inventory can handle. When you have enough business to keep all your trucks fully busy, then go in for a new truck to transport vehicles.

Some of the benefits that customers look for in an auto moving company are: door to door delivery, flexible payment modes, reliable services, reasonable price and good customer service. If all the rules and regulation are taken care of and different varieties of vehicle transport invested in or leased, you can start up an auto shipping business and do well, as many need these kinds of service.

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