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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Uses of car tracking system

A car tracking system is one of the major advancements in car security. Business persons and common individuals have a growing interest in car tracking systems. The car tracking systems are easy to install and they require no wires or antenna to function. GPS car tracking system is simple, portable and convenient to use and is also easy to install. The car tracking systems operate on power batteries for about three months. They are available with different functions and are easily exchangeable. The car tracking system offers peace of mind to anyone who uses the system.
The car tracking system is used for locating vehicles, vehicle monitoring and vehicle management. The system uses mobile,radio or satellite positioning to easily communicate and locate the position of your car. The system can produce individual vehicle data such as acceleration, speed, spacing, headway, etc. The system helps in better understanding of driver's performance and can help for better traffic flow. Car tracking system is useful to detect the location of a stolen car. The system uses in-car wireless and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to confirm the driver, and if the vehicle is moved without confirmation it gets activated and starts the tracking operation. When your car fixed with the car tracking system is driven by a stranger or is stolen, the car tracking system gets activated and transmits a unique signal to the car owner and prescribed authorities such as police. The system detects unauthorized movement of the vehicle and transmits the information to the police. The system helps you to detect the location of the car at any given time. The system can also notify the owner if there is any damage to the car.
The car tracking system is useful for parents in observing their teenage children who uses the car. Parents frequently worry about their teenage children who uses car. Hence, car tracking system is widely accepted by parents throughout the world as they can easily keep track of the location where their children go. The system records the car's driving history that can be downloaded into your computers. Thus the system allows parents to monitor their teen's driving behavior. The parents can easily monitor your teen driving the car at any time and if necessary parents can disable the car's ignition and lock its doors from home computers or laptops. The parents can even set area boundaries so that their teen cannot travel beyond the boundary without their permission. You can also set the car tracking system such that it gives an alert when the driver drives out of a specific area. In this way you can control your teenage children from driving the car out of a specific area.
The car tracking system helps you to monitor rash, risky and dangerous driving practices. The system can monitor vehicle speed violations and notify the speed limit of your car in order to an aware the drivers accordingly. The car tracking system can also remind you when vehicle maintenance is required and thus helps in ensuring safe driving. The car tracking system installed in your car can also help in identifying the accident spot In case of an emergency such as accident. Car tracking system also offers you financial benefits. Insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles installed with GPS car tracking systems.

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