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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tips to avoid a Car Accident Causes

Car accidents are occurring due to several causes. But such accidents can be prevented by being more cautious while driving your vehicle. The following tips help you avoid a car accident to a great extent.
Concentrate on your driving action and do not get distracted - Accidents may occur if you divert your concentration towards something else while driving your vehicle. You may lose your concentration and get distracted if you are talking on your cell phone while driving, eating a snack while driving, leaning down to pick something while driving, or chatting with someone accompanying you in the vehicle, etc. Avoid such distractions and see to that accidents do not occur due to your mistake.
Watch the traffic carefully - Do not just concentrate at the vehicle in front of you but also carefully watch the traffic in front of that vehicle. This increases your possibility of seeing a traffic problem so that you can make up your mind to react to it properly.
Beware of the traffic behind you - Adjust your vehicle's side mirrors and rearview mirror such that you can view picture perfect scene of the traffic behind your vehicle. Also look directly into the lanes beside so that you don't miss anything left undetected by your vehicle mirrors.
Follow the traffic signals and signs properly - Have thorough knowledge of the traffic signals and signs. Follow the traffic signals and signs and obey the traffic rules while driving.
Avoid driving too closely with respect to vehicle in front - It is always safe to keep a specific distance between you and the vehicle moving in front of your vehicle. That safe distance will save you from accidents that may occur when the vehicle in front of you makes a sudden brake or is subjected to some accident.
Adjust your speed limit according to situation - Driving too fast may give you no time to react to approaching dangerous conditions. So, adjust your driving speed when dangerous conditions exist. Reducing your speed below the maximum level will enable you to properly react to risky or dangerous circumstances.
Avoid driving after consuming alcohol or drugs - Drunken driving is the major cause of road accidents. Consuming alcohol or drugs is already injurious to health. At least avoid drunken driving to prevent road accidents. Alcohol impairs your concentration and reaction time. Hence, drunken drivers have high possibility of causing accidents and being caught in accidents.
Do not drive in the Parking Lane - Accidents may occur when you try to use parking lane as travel lane. Also be careful while changing lanes.
Don't try to overcorrect - Do not try to change direction or turn sharply so as to avoid hitting at Road cones, Tumbleweeds, tire Rubber, etc.
Avoid driving if you are feeling tired - Do not drive your vehicle if you are feeling asleep or tired. If you feel tired while driving long distances, stop driving for some time and take a quick sleep.
Avoid driving during the night time - Night time driving is not recommended because night time increases your tiredness and decreases your field of vision. Also you have the higher possibility of facing dangers from rash drivers and drunken drivers during night.
Keep your car in good condition - Do the proper and regular maintenance of your vehicle. This is essential so that your vehicle can accelerate, stop and steer properly whenever needed.

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