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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Auto Transport Company Scams

How to be familiar with This Scam
Seller is often situated abroad.

Seller avers to utilize a reliable, trustworthy and dependable car transport company, which has a professional looking web site.

Seller wants you to pay by any other money transfer company.
How does it Work?
The scammer sets an ad with an item for sale for a bargain price.

When you speak or make contacts or send a mail to the seller he advises using a 'safe' shipping company. Often the goods are located abroad.

He recommends that you pay using some other money transfer company.

He mail, post or sends you a tracking number to prove that he has transported the vehicles. There is also an authentic looking web site where you can look up the tracking number. This web site is run by the scammer with the single purpose to make you trust that he has actually transported vehicles.

You make the payment of money through other money transfer company, and mail, post, transfer or send the information to the transport company (which is in fact the scammer).

The scammer gets hold of your money, and you by no means see the money again.
How to Avoid Auto Transport Scams
Steps to avoid the current car moving scams and to find a reliable, consistent, trustworthy and dependable auto moving company for your shipping needs.

There are some very vital steps to capture to shun the current auto transport scams that are taking place. Loads of people are yielding into the same trap and realized it was essential to emphasize what steps to take to evade becoming another statistic.

People should do their homework and should take a little time and look into the company they are about to trust with their car. People very often call or contact four to five companies and opt the company who is providing services with the "cheapest rate" and never look into why they are cheap. These 'great rates' frequently need a prepaid deposit, which for many, is where the scam begins. The company claims the deposit under the fake charade of "withholding space on a truck". In certainty, they hold the money and search for a car carrier to take the car, occasionally without result. In several cases, they are not able to hit upon an car transport company ready to transport the car at the rate they quoted and sadly, $150 or $200 deposit is rarely returned.

One of the best ways to avoid this type of scam is checking an established and unbiased website such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It hardly takes 5 minutes to check that the company has obtained 150 complaints in the last 36 months. There are some unexpectedly awful companies with "F" ratings and hundreds of complaints on the BBB. There are websites that are formed and uphold by auto transport companies themselves. This company has tons of wonderful reviews on this site and while several of those reviews may be true, anyone can write them and there is no way to verify what is legitimate.

File a complaint about vehicle transport company scams

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Important Things to be kept in the Car While Driving

It would be better if you have an emergency kit in your car. If you are traveling on a highway in the night and you're car broke down you cannot do anything. If you carry certain items that are listed below it can prove valuable. Many companies do sell all-in-one roadside kits but drivers are not bothered to buy one. Some of the items that you should have in your car are: Five gallons of water, a quart of oil. Some of the essential tools are pocketknife, pliers, screwdriver and awl combo. Other items include Duct tape, tire gauge, tire inflator products, tire changing gear, ice scrapper etc. For safety purpose carry extra batteries, two flares, cell phone, flashlight etc. Carry a first aid box and water, snacks, matches and blanket.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why do we need Car Identification Number?

Car identification number or vehicle identification number (VIN) is used for identifying the exact model of car you have and the engine that was put into it when it was manufactured. In fact the vehicle identification number (VIN) is the DNA of the car. The vehicle identification number gives an accurate description of the vehicle. Each car has a unique vehicle identification number.
The Vehicle identification number includes 17 characters. The characters include capital letters A through Z and numbers 1 through 0. The position of each character in the VIN gives important information about the place and date of manufacture of your car, the type of engine included in the car, the series or model of the car, equipment/attributes of the car and the production sequence of the car.
autovehicle-idenficationThe 1st character of your car's vehicle identification number indicates the country where it was manufactured. The 2nd character of your car's vehicle identification number indicates the manufacturer of the car. The 3rd character of the vehicle identification number indicates the vehicle type or manufacturing division. This varies among car makes and models. The 4rth to 8th characters of the vehicle identification number indicates the car's features/attributes, such as body style, engine type, model, series, etc. The 9th character of the vehicle identification number is a VIN accuracy check digit which is used to verify the accuracy of the transcription of the vehicle identification number. The 10th character of the vehicle identification number indicates the model year of the car. The 11th character of the vehicle identification number indicates the assembly plant for the car. The 12th to 17th Characters of the vehicle identification number are useful in identifying the correct part numbers for ignition, fuel, emission and engine components.
You can find the vehicle identification number of your car at several locations on your car, the most common location being on the door frame/door post of the front doors, dash near the windshield, engine, car's firewall, left-hand inner wheel arch, steering wheel/steering column, radiator support bracket, and on your car's registration book, guarantee/maintenance book and declaration page of your auto insurance policy.
Using the vehicle identification number of a vehicle, you can easily know the history of the vehicle. That is you can know the vehicle details such as Salvage history and multiple owner history of the vehicle. You can also know the whether the vehicle is stolen or rescued vehicle, insurance claim vehicle or not, totaled or reclaimed vehicle, odometer tampering details, and whether the vehicle is subjected to water or flooded damage, major body frame damage, fire or related damage, etc.
auto-cars-parking The VIN is very useful when buying a used car. Using VIN of a car, you can check the history of the used car you are willing to buy. Using the correct VIN record of the used car, you can find if the car was subjected to major accident damage or not. You can also find out whether car is a stolen or salvaged car, and whether it is an insurance claim car or not. Thus by using the vehicle identification number, you can ensure to buy the right used car.
The correct VIN of your car is needed to properly identify the exact part numbers needed for your auto repairs. It helps in identifying the repair parts that will fit exactly with your car.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Uses of car tracking system

A car tracking system is one of the major advancements in car security. Business persons and common individuals have a growing interest in car tracking systems. The car tracking systems are easy to install and they require no wires or antenna to function. GPS car tracking system is simple, portable and convenient to use and is also easy to install. The car tracking systems operate on power batteries for about three months. They are available with different functions and are easily exchangeable. The car tracking system offers peace of mind to anyone who uses the system.
The car tracking system is used for locating vehicles, vehicle monitoring and vehicle management. The system uses mobile,radio or satellite positioning to easily communicate and locate the position of your car. The system can produce individual vehicle data such as acceleration, speed, spacing, headway, etc. The system helps in better understanding of driver's performance and can help for better traffic flow. Car tracking system is useful to detect the location of a stolen car. The system uses in-car wireless and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to confirm the driver, and if the vehicle is moved without confirmation it gets activated and starts the tracking operation. When your car fixed with the car tracking system is driven by a stranger or is stolen, the car tracking system gets activated and transmits a unique signal to the car owner and prescribed authorities such as police. The system detects unauthorized movement of the vehicle and transmits the information to the police. The system helps you to detect the location of the car at any given time. The system can also notify the owner if there is any damage to the car.
The car tracking system is useful for parents in observing their teenage children who uses the car. Parents frequently worry about their teenage children who uses car. Hence, car tracking system is widely accepted by parents throughout the world as they can easily keep track of the location where their children go. The system records the car's driving history that can be downloaded into your computers. Thus the system allows parents to monitor their teen's driving behavior. The parents can easily monitor your teen driving the car at any time and if necessary parents can disable the car's ignition and lock its doors from home computers or laptops. The parents can even set area boundaries so that their teen cannot travel beyond the boundary without their permission. You can also set the car tracking system such that it gives an alert when the driver drives out of a specific area. In this way you can control your teenage children from driving the car out of a specific area.
The car tracking system helps you to monitor rash, risky and dangerous driving practices. The system can monitor vehicle speed violations and notify the speed limit of your car in order to an aware the drivers accordingly. The car tracking system can also remind you when vehicle maintenance is required and thus helps in ensuring safe driving. The car tracking system installed in your car can also help in identifying the accident spot In case of an emergency such as accident. Car tracking system also offers you financial benefits. Insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles installed with GPS car tracking systems.

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tips to avoid a Car Accident Causes

Car accidents are occurring due to several causes. But such accidents can be prevented by being more cautious while driving your vehicle. The following tips help you avoid a car accident to a great extent.
Concentrate on your driving action and do not get distracted - Accidents may occur if you divert your concentration towards something else while driving your vehicle. You may lose your concentration and get distracted if you are talking on your cell phone while driving, eating a snack while driving, leaning down to pick something while driving, or chatting with someone accompanying you in the vehicle, etc. Avoid such distractions and see to that accidents do not occur due to your mistake.
Watch the traffic carefully - Do not just concentrate at the vehicle in front of you but also carefully watch the traffic in front of that vehicle. This increases your possibility of seeing a traffic problem so that you can make up your mind to react to it properly.
Beware of the traffic behind you - Adjust your vehicle's side mirrors and rearview mirror such that you can view picture perfect scene of the traffic behind your vehicle. Also look directly into the lanes beside so that you don't miss anything left undetected by your vehicle mirrors.
Follow the traffic signals and signs properly - Have thorough knowledge of the traffic signals and signs. Follow the traffic signals and signs and obey the traffic rules while driving.
Avoid driving too closely with respect to vehicle in front - It is always safe to keep a specific distance between you and the vehicle moving in front of your vehicle. That safe distance will save you from accidents that may occur when the vehicle in front of you makes a sudden brake or is subjected to some accident.
Adjust your speed limit according to situation - Driving too fast may give you no time to react to approaching dangerous conditions. So, adjust your driving speed when dangerous conditions exist. Reducing your speed below the maximum level will enable you to properly react to risky or dangerous circumstances.
Avoid driving after consuming alcohol or drugs - Drunken driving is the major cause of road accidents. Consuming alcohol or drugs is already injurious to health. At least avoid drunken driving to prevent road accidents. Alcohol impairs your concentration and reaction time. Hence, drunken drivers have high possibility of causing accidents and being caught in accidents.
Do not drive in the Parking Lane - Accidents may occur when you try to use parking lane as travel lane. Also be careful while changing lanes.
Don't try to overcorrect - Do not try to change direction or turn sharply so as to avoid hitting at Road cones, Tumbleweeds, tire Rubber, etc.
Avoid driving if you are feeling tired - Do not drive your vehicle if you are feeling asleep or tired. If you feel tired while driving long distances, stop driving for some time and take a quick sleep.
Avoid driving during the night time - Night time driving is not recommended because night time increases your tiredness and decreases your field of vision. Also you have the higher possibility of facing dangers from rash drivers and drunken drivers during night.
Keep your car in good condition - Do the proper and regular maintenance of your vehicle. This is essential so that your vehicle can accelerate, stop and steer properly whenever needed.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Different types of auto transport jobs

There are many different types of auto transport jobs. The transport provides a lot of employment opportunities and offers good career prospects. Auto moving jobs are also available in full time and part time basis. People looking for jobs in car moving industry should be dedicated, committed, motivated and hard-working. Career prospects in transport industry are favorable even for those who are new to the industry.
Some of the transport jobs are transport truck driver, shipping dispatcher, Customer service representative, Driver Car Hauler, Diesel Mechanic, Intermediate Auto Mechanic, Auto Processor, CDL Driver, Military Vehicle Shipping job, Owning your Own Truck Fleet, etc.

The  truck driver job is much more difficult than other kinds of truck drivers because transport truck drivers have to drive the truck as well as load and unload vehicles from/to each person's home or business. They may have to drive across different states and even across country. This may take up to one to two or three weeks.

Vehicle transport dispatcher acts as a travel agent for the auto transport industry. His job is to take orders for shipment of vehicles and make a proper schedule with the trucking company. He has to decide and convey information about vehicle pick-up, delivery, and transit times to the truck driver and the customer. Vehicle shipping dispatcher must possess some accounting skills and computer skills.
The customer service representative job responsibility is to receive and send quotes to customers through email or phone. He is also responsible for taking the order from the customer and sending it to the dispatch department. The customer service representative must also answer the customer's questions regarding the shipping process.

Diesel Mechanic job is one of the most critical jobs in the car transport industry. This job is of great importance because a Diesel Mechanic is essential for the success of any shipping company. His job involves performing regular maintenance of the company vehicles so as to ensure that the company trucks move safely on the road. The demand for Diesel Mechanics is always high in the transport industry.

Auto Processor job involves processing cars from one destination to another. The job requires driving cars, detailing cars, and inspecting the finished product. The job also involves checking for defects before and after transport. You must have valid driver's license and must be able to drive a manual transmission if you need to apply for auto processor job. Besides these, you must have good oral and written communication skills and basic computer skills.

General Warehouse job involves using forklift to transfer overstock commodities to primary locations, to transport and slot received commodities to appropriate overstock location for future use, and to collect and transport empty/partially full pallets to appropriate location for stocking. The job also involves sorting and separating goods by part number and attaching appropriate labels for distribution into replenishment system. The job further involves recording all information into RF symbol, getting approval and verifying exceptions in carton counts.

Driver Car Hauler job involves transporting cars and other items to various locations. The job may also involve some other functions. The Car Hauler can earn more if they haul more.
Certified courses are available for this jobs. Most of the courses offer classroom and hands-on training added with a focus on problem-solving skills, communication skills, and customer service skills.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Military car shipping

military-auto-car Military car shipping means providing shipping services to armed services or governmental personnel. We recognize that people in public service are often required to move from place to place, and where they go, so must their vehicle. shipping, automobile towing any kind of auto transport, that's our public service. Military shipping provides shipping services to Army, Navy and Marine Corps, Air force and even coast Guard.

Military personnel work around the clock to protect our nation. When they have to relocate to another city they don't have to worry as how their car will reach the new destination. Regardless of the type of car they have we will take care of moving it safely and securely. We have experienced car haulers and drivers who are well versed with military transfers in all environmental conditions. We will go through the process step by step ensuring that everything is in order including paperwork.

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