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Thursday, February 05, 2009

A guide for international auto shipping

When relocating, especially shifting to another international destination, the need to relocate the automobile should receive special attention. The requirements for car relocation are somewhat different from that of other belongings. When you engage the services of an international shipping company to transport your car, you need to understand and follow certain basics.

Most international shipping companies charge additionally for relocation of automobiles, cars SUVs and still more for other oversized vehicles. You have to satisfy yourself that the international shipping company you hire to move your car offers you a competitive quote, either directly or through a dedicated transporter or broker, before you approve the deal. Most of the shipping companies offer free quotes for the clients, so that they can know more information about price details and payment schedules. With variety of international car moving company, it's not a difficult task to find out the best among the list who offer specialized and cheap car moving. More information can be availed from the internet from the shippers regarding the price and payment details.

It is worthwhile to scan through the dedicated Car Movers Directory. This directory lists the names and contact particulars of all automobile, car and other shipping companies for national and international destinations. The international shipping company you engage to move your car should offer services taken care of by brokers for this, make sure your broker is a member of the Auto Transport Brokers Association.

Please bear in mind that even if you contact an international shipping company directly instead of through a broker, you may not enjoy any price reduction. This is because most of the international transport companies that handle car relocation include the broker fee in their quote. You need to positively ascertain whether the international shipping company you hire is legal. You also need to verify whether the chosen international moving company is registered with the Department Of Transportation. Always verify and double check on the Department Of Transportation or DOT number. After making sure it is a reliable auto transit company, check whether advanced technologies have been used to offer best vehicle moving services while in transit. Today, innovative technologies are available to make moving faster, safer and trouble-free. Generally, all companies offer door to door delivery services except in extreme cases, if the access road is narrow or the truck is not in a position of entering the area. In all such case, the vehicle will be dropped or picked up to the near by place.

Most people favor open shipping as this mode is nearly 60% cheaper than enclosed shipping of your car - particularly to an international destination. You need not be unduly apprehensive about the safety of your car being transported in an open carrier. After all, your car is open and exposed when road driven to any other destination. The traveling on the open road and the road hazards involved are the same as those involved in the open carrier option. The international car relocation company should offer your vehicle insurance for full cover. Brokers may not directly insure your car but they contract out with companies that do so. When selecting the right international auto moving company to move your vehicle, you need to make sure that the set up is reliable and meets industry standards.

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