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Monday, December 08, 2008

How to save on auto transport cost?

truck-transportWhen moving long distance, most people find transporting their vehicle quite expensive. Of course, there are some sensible ways to save money when shipping a car. Please know that there are four basic levels of service offered by auto moving companies. You have to study the four different options before deciding which one will save you money.

The 'Economy guide' category is the cheapest option but should decide for it only if you are really in financial difficulties. The basic demerit of this option is your car will be shipped as and when the transporters have space to load your vehicle. Customers paying higher amount will get preference and their cars will understandably be shipped in priority to yours. At times you may have indefinitely for your vehicle to leave its original destination.

ship-a-carThe 'Open' category is the most commonly availed service as it will be reasonably priced and affordable by many. The only negative point is your car will be loaded onto an open truck and is therefore exposed to sun and rain.

The 'Enclosed' category is more expensive than 'Open' category and is the right option particularly if you are shipping a valuable, high-priced or classic/collector car as the container is fully enclosed and therefore your car is better protected.

truck shippingThe 'Full Service' category is a guaranteed, more personalized service. The car shipper will guarantee pick up and delivery dates and if they miss those dates they agree to rebate you a portion of your incurred costs and this service is mostly door-to-door. This is a completely hassle-free method provided you can afford the cost.You can save money if you choose terminal to terminal Service instead of a door-to-door service. Car hauling companies will charge you more to collect your car from your home and also to deliver it to your new home. However, there will be terminals where cars are loaded and unloaded and sometimes transferred, and if you can drive your car there and pick it up from one, the cost of the overall service will be cheaper for you.

ship-carYou must make sure that you vehicle is properly insured while in transit. The car shipping company may offer cover but check with your insurance broker whether this cover will be adequate. This is another area you can save money by using your own auto insurance cover instead of the shippers. Please note that some shipping companies will charge an extra fee if your car cannot be driven. This is because it will be far more laborious and time-consuming for them to load and unload a car which will not start. If you want to save yourself this extra charge make sure that the car is in full working order before you hand it over to the shippers.

There is yet another area where you can save costs. Many shipping companies charge for a shipment based on its weight. If you want to cut down on overall weight so that you are charged less then note down a few things. Most tanks can carry anywhere from eleven to thirty gallons of gas. See to it that the fuel tank is near empty. Many vans have extra seats that can be removed. Other items like tool boxes, add-ons and other extras all add weight. If you remove all these things from the vehicle you can cut down on the weight of the vehicle and this can lead to reduction in cost.

One option which may be offered by some car shippers is to have their representative drive your car all the way to your new home. This should save you several hundred dollars, but you have to consider and monetarily quantify the extra wear and tear and mileage on your car. Therefore do not be in a hurry to select this option!

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