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Friday, September 19, 2008

Overseas auto shipping service

shipging-truckYou may find the transporting your car overseas can be both tedious and challenging. But you can certainly handle this task with less discomfort if you become conversant with all the formalities and also judiciously select the right auto transporter. Not only you should pick a reputed and reliable auto shipper but it is essential you have faith in that company. Study the company's track record and make sure the company is properly registered and legitimate.
Shipping a car overseas necessarily requires an ocean container to which the car will be loaded. You may, should you so wish, ship your personal items in the remaining space. But loading your car into the container calls for some skills and you will need the help of professional car shipper to help you load your car in a safe and secure manner. It is critically important that you check with your insurance agent. If you hire professionals to load and ship your car, your insurance may cover all damages. Most shipping companies provide a basic shipping insurance package when you sign. Some may offer a higher premium for additional coverage depending on the cost of your car and also the destination. Merely hiring a container will not suffice for after the car arrives at its destination, you will need to hire a trucking company to unload it and then take it to your home.
truckIt is worthwhile to consider RO RO 'roll on, roll off' if that facility is available. RO RO is a shipping service in which the car is rolled onto the ship at the port and then rolled off at its destination. But this facility is not available in every case. You will require a copy of the original title for your car as well as a letter from the lien holder, if there be any. You may also need a bill of sale or bills of lading, depending on where you bought the car. Check with customs or local law enforcement agencies if regarding documents that are necessary.
laddertruck-carBefore shipping your car overseas, check for any fees and import regulations versus the cost of a comparable automobile at destination. Certain models or makes might be prohibited for shipping overseas. Further models that are allowed might require an entry permit and modifications to meet emission or safety standards. It is advisable that you do not show haste in shipping your car. The cost of shipping a car overseas can be substantial and you well have to be cautious as otherwise you may be suddenly confronted with a huge bill.
vehicle-carFind out if the transport company will ship your car door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Some vehicle hauling companies will deliver only at terminals in major cities or ports and you are expected to go there and pick up your car. Some will charge an additional fee to deliver your car at your doorstep particularly if you live in remote areas. Please ensure the quote you receive is comprehensive and clear on all points.When you scout around various shipping companies to select a company to move your car, you will find that there are a range of quotes - each offering a variety of services. .Shopping around obviously gets you the best deal as well as all the services you need. Please determine your budget and have a tentative figure in mind when you are shopping for shipping service. This will aid you better when sorting out the companies that are right for you.

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