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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How can i make my Car Shipping easier

Moving from one place to another means that all our belongings have also to be moved. This also includes our car. There are many companies and brokers who will do the job for us. The question is how easily it can be done, without much trouble for us.The first thing to do is to decide whether to have an open or an enclosed trailer for shipping the car. Open trailers are open vehicles that transport your automobile and it will be subjected to the different weather conditions. These carriages can carry from 3 to 11 cars. The enclosed trailers will be closed, but you will have to pay more for it.
It is best to know where your car will be delivered, as this will make it easier for you to plan on how to get the car at the destination. If it is door to door service, then you should find out whether, it will be delivered at your doorstep or at the nearest parking lot. The thing to keep in mind is that the trailers need a lot of space to move and coming close to your house might be difficult.Some companies will ask for an advance, a deposit of about 10% to 25% of the total cost. At the time of delivery, the remaining amount has to be paid. Be ready with cash, or check. This will make the transaction easy.
It will make things a lot easier if you know about the insurance coverage that is available. You should get a copy of the car shipping company's insurance coverage. Everything should be in writing. In case of any damage to the vehicle, you should know whether there is a deductible. During transit, your car will be covered by your personal insurance. Make sure by getting details from your insurance company. Remove all your personal belongings from the car before it is shipped. Your insurance and the shipping company's insurance will not pay for any loss in this matter.shipping-carGetting the car ready for shipping will make the whole process simpler and easier. The car should be washed well and any part that is dented or the color chipped should be noted. The car alarm should be disabled, as there are many kinds of alarms and the car company might not be able to shut it off.
The car mirror should be folded, if it is too wide. The antennae should be removed. Fog lights, spoilers and other loose parts should be secured well or removed. The tank should be only one-eighth or one-fourth full. Convertibles should be shipped with the top secured properly.
The battery should be charged and the tires should be inflated. While being transported the cars should not have leaking fluids like brake fluids, as this will fall on the cars below if it is being shipped in a two deck open trailer.
Make a document of all the damages the car may have before being shipped. This will help in claiming damages, if any. Before the car is shipped, get an inspection report of the date of delivery, the condition of your at the time of the pick up and the car's mileage. Take this with you when you receive the car. If you cannot go, send this report through the person who will receive the car.
race-carDuring delivery of your car, do not accept the car at night, since you cannot inspect it thoroughly. Take the original inspection report with you. Examine the car carefully. This also includes the underneath of the car. If any damage occurs, write all the damages on the inspection report and get the driver's signature. You should then contact the company and see how you can be reimbursed. Following all these suggestions, one can make their car shipping easy without any hassles.

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