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Monday, September 22, 2008

Best ways to transport my car

Transporting your car from one location to another can indeed be a daunting task unless you select the right professional auto transporters. Generally people start searching yellow pages or the internet or consult their friends to select the right kind of auto mover.
car-truckIt is of paramount importance that you select a reputed and reliable transport company which would enable safe transport of your vehicle to your new destination. First of all, ensure that the company has proper transport authority for it is mandatory that all the auto transport companies need to be registered under the department of transport. They should be in a position to show you the relevant documents. However the forwarders and the brokers obviously are not registered under any law. Apart from complying with the legal formalities to work, the company should also be able to convince you with their track record.
In addition to the registration the company must offer insurance - although the value of the insurance cover may vary from one company to another. It is important that you demand to see the insurance documents and not rely on oral assurances by the auto company. Please be satisfied that the insurance value is adequate to cover the worth of your vehicle. Check the limits of the insurance and in case the insurance amount is not sufficient then seek additional insurance.
There are numerous ways in which you can check for the authenticity of the auto transporters. You can enquire with some people connected to the allied field. You can contact with the business bureau to know if there are any complaints against the company. Try to ascertain beforehand about the company's policies and procedures. Obtain written commitment about the pickup and delivery procedures. Examine if there are any hidden costs so that you are not caught unaware at a later stage.
Try to be somewhat flexible with regard to the date of pick up as most reputed companies will work out a schedule for picking up other cars near by. If you are however in a hurry, then ask for express transport or a guaranteed pick up date and time. It is recommended tat you obtain at least tree different quotes from tree different companies and make a comparative study. Do not be excited but rather be cautious if some company quotes too low. You have to specifically find out how the company can transport your car at such low cost.
It is very important that you remove all the removable fittings and other possessions from your car before handing over the vehicle to the transporters. Also make it a point to scrutinize if there are any damages in your car and note down each and every dent or scratch on the car. truck It is also advisable that you take photographs of your car from all possible angles so that there is evidence present in case of any damages. Be very specific at taking the pictures of the damaged areas on your car, these pictures of your car will be useful in the future when making claims. Attend to batteries and also ensure the tires are filled with air so that you have no problem when you take delivery after your car reaches its destination. Avoid filling the entire tank with gas as this will needlessly add up to the weight of your car.
It is absolutely necessary that you research the chosen company before signing the final agreement. Get all in writing all guarantees, deposit and refund terms to avoid subsequent disputes and misunderstanding. When you have secured a good price and a reliable auto transport company you feel most comfortable transporting your car.

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