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Friday, September 26, 2008

Am I getting a good deal for Auto Shipping?

auto-transport-with-truckWhenever we move from one place to another we need to ship our cars and automobiles. To get the best deal is very important. We always wonder whether we are getting a good deal or not. There are quite a few things that have to be taken care of if we want to have the best deal for shipping our vehicles. First and foremost, you should research on the internet and gather information about the companies that transport automobiles. The various companies might quote different prices. Know what you are paying for. If the price is cheap, do no go by it. A company that quotes a low price might not give proper customer service.
You should find out the time taken to ship the automobile. It takes about ten to fifteen days across the country and about a week from north to south, from the time the vehicle is picked up. Know exactly how much it will cost you to ship the car. It all depends on the size of the car, the distance and the weather conditions.vehicles You can check on the internet to find out the costs offered by various companies and brokers. Choose carefully for a competitive quote. The deposit amount paid is very important. This is what the broker gets for moving the vehicle. Some brokers might not move the vehicle immediately after getting the deposit. This delay will cost the client problems.
The United States of America has a US Department of Transportation (DOT), which gives license and regulates the vehicle hauling companies. You should make sure that the company that is shipping your automobile is licensed and that it has been in the business for some time and has insurance coverage. It should also offer good customer service and answer all your phone calls and The auto moving  is generally done by brokers or owners/operators. The brokers have a good network of operators whom they contact and the shipping of the car for you is taken up by them. The prices or the brokers and the owners/operators are nearly the same. The brokers have the advantage of knowing many of the operators and can easily arrange shipping the car for you. The only thing to be careful about is that they should have a license and should be well known in the shipping industry.
A shipping company transporting your vehicle might not be able to get your automobile to your doorstep or close to your house, since their routes might not cover those areas. A broker will be able to locate a company that will deliver the car close to your residence. You should also check if the company is covered by insurance. How much will they be able to pay you if you car gets damaged in any way while it is being transported. MobileUnit_Roadcar Some companies feel that your insurance coverage is the primary one. Others will cover damage caused by the driver's neglect or any other failure of equipments.You should find out about the method of payment, before signing the contract. You can pay by credit card, or cheque. You can also make part payment initially and pay the remaining amount at the time of delivery. Consider all these points. Do a thorough research and then if you ship your automobile to another place, you will get a good deal.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How can i make my Car Shipping easier

Moving from one place to another means that all our belongings have also to be moved. This also includes our car. There are many companies and brokers who will do the job for us. The question is how easily it can be done, without much trouble for us.The first thing to do is to decide whether to have an open or an enclosed trailer for shipping the car. Open trailers are open vehicles that transport your automobile and it will be subjected to the different weather conditions. These carriages can carry from 3 to 11 cars. The enclosed trailers will be closed, but you will have to pay more for it.
It is best to know where your car will be delivered, as this will make it easier for you to plan on how to get the car at the destination. If it is door to door service, then you should find out whether, it will be delivered at your doorstep or at the nearest parking lot. The thing to keep in mind is that the trailers need a lot of space to move and coming close to your house might be difficult.Some companies will ask for an advance, a deposit of about 10% to 25% of the total cost. At the time of delivery, the remaining amount has to be paid. Be ready with cash, or check. This will make the transaction easy.
It will make things a lot easier if you know about the insurance coverage that is available. You should get a copy of the car shipping company's insurance coverage. Everything should be in writing. In case of any damage to the vehicle, you should know whether there is a deductible. During transit, your car will be covered by your personal insurance. Make sure by getting details from your insurance company. Remove all your personal belongings from the car before it is shipped. Your insurance and the shipping company's insurance will not pay for any loss in this matter.shipping-carGetting the car ready for shipping will make the whole process simpler and easier. The car should be washed well and any part that is dented or the color chipped should be noted. The car alarm should be disabled, as there are many kinds of alarms and the car company might not be able to shut it off.
The car mirror should be folded, if it is too wide. The antennae should be removed. Fog lights, spoilers and other loose parts should be secured well or removed. The tank should be only one-eighth or one-fourth full. Convertibles should be shipped with the top secured properly.
The battery should be charged and the tires should be inflated. While being transported the cars should not have leaking fluids like brake fluids, as this will fall on the cars below if it is being shipped in a two deck open trailer.
Make a document of all the damages the car may have before being shipped. This will help in claiming damages, if any. Before the car is shipped, get an inspection report of the date of delivery, the condition of your at the time of the pick up and the car's mileage. Take this with you when you receive the car. If you cannot go, send this report through the person who will receive the car.
race-carDuring delivery of your car, do not accept the car at night, since you cannot inspect it thoroughly. Take the original inspection report with you. Examine the car carefully. This also includes the underneath of the car. If any damage occurs, write all the damages on the inspection report and get the driver's signature. You should then contact the company and see how you can be reimbursed. Following all these suggestions, one can make their car shipping easy without any hassles.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Best ways to transport my car

Transporting your car from one location to another can indeed be a daunting task unless you select the right professional auto transporters. Generally people start searching yellow pages or the internet or consult their friends to select the right kind of auto mover.
car-truckIt is of paramount importance that you select a reputed and reliable transport company which would enable safe transport of your vehicle to your new destination. First of all, ensure that the company has proper transport authority for it is mandatory that all the auto transport companies need to be registered under the department of transport. They should be in a position to show you the relevant documents. However the forwarders and the brokers obviously are not registered under any law. Apart from complying with the legal formalities to work, the company should also be able to convince you with their track record.
In addition to the registration the company must offer insurance - although the value of the insurance cover may vary from one company to another. It is important that you demand to see the insurance documents and not rely on oral assurances by the auto company. Please be satisfied that the insurance value is adequate to cover the worth of your vehicle. Check the limits of the insurance and in case the insurance amount is not sufficient then seek additional insurance.
There are numerous ways in which you can check for the authenticity of the auto transporters. You can enquire with some people connected to the allied field. You can contact with the business bureau to know if there are any complaints against the company. Try to ascertain beforehand about the company's policies and procedures. Obtain written commitment about the pickup and delivery procedures. Examine if there are any hidden costs so that you are not caught unaware at a later stage.
Try to be somewhat flexible with regard to the date of pick up as most reputed companies will work out a schedule for picking up other cars near by. If you are however in a hurry, then ask for express transport or a guaranteed pick up date and time. It is recommended tat you obtain at least tree different quotes from tree different companies and make a comparative study. Do not be excited but rather be cautious if some company quotes too low. You have to specifically find out how the company can transport your car at such low cost.
It is very important that you remove all the removable fittings and other possessions from your car before handing over the vehicle to the transporters. Also make it a point to scrutinize if there are any damages in your car and note down each and every dent or scratch on the car. truck It is also advisable that you take photographs of your car from all possible angles so that there is evidence present in case of any damages. Be very specific at taking the pictures of the damaged areas on your car, these pictures of your car will be useful in the future when making claims. Attend to batteries and also ensure the tires are filled with air so that you have no problem when you take delivery after your car reaches its destination. Avoid filling the entire tank with gas as this will needlessly add up to the weight of your car.
It is absolutely necessary that you research the chosen company before signing the final agreement. Get all in writing all guarantees, deposit and refund terms to avoid subsequent disputes and misunderstanding. When you have secured a good price and a reliable auto transport company you feel most comfortable transporting your car.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Overseas auto shipping service

shipging-truckYou may find the transporting your car overseas can be both tedious and challenging. But you can certainly handle this task with less discomfort if you become conversant with all the formalities and also judiciously select the right auto transporter. Not only you should pick a reputed and reliable auto shipper but it is essential you have faith in that company. Study the company's track record and make sure the company is properly registered and legitimate.
Shipping a car overseas necessarily requires an ocean container to which the car will be loaded. You may, should you so wish, ship your personal items in the remaining space. But loading your car into the container calls for some skills and you will need the help of professional car shipper to help you load your car in a safe and secure manner. It is critically important that you check with your insurance agent. If you hire professionals to load and ship your car, your insurance may cover all damages. Most shipping companies provide a basic shipping insurance package when you sign. Some may offer a higher premium for additional coverage depending on the cost of your car and also the destination. Merely hiring a container will not suffice for after the car arrives at its destination, you will need to hire a trucking company to unload it and then take it to your home.
truckIt is worthwhile to consider RO RO 'roll on, roll off' if that facility is available. RO RO is a shipping service in which the car is rolled onto the ship at the port and then rolled off at its destination. But this facility is not available in every case. You will require a copy of the original title for your car as well as a letter from the lien holder, if there be any. You may also need a bill of sale or bills of lading, depending on where you bought the car. Check with customs or local law enforcement agencies if regarding documents that are necessary.
laddertruck-carBefore shipping your car overseas, check for any fees and import regulations versus the cost of a comparable automobile at destination. Certain models or makes might be prohibited for shipping overseas. Further models that are allowed might require an entry permit and modifications to meet emission or safety standards. It is advisable that you do not show haste in shipping your car. The cost of shipping a car overseas can be substantial and you well have to be cautious as otherwise you may be suddenly confronted with a huge bill.
vehicle-carFind out if the transport company will ship your car door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Some vehicle hauling companies will deliver only at terminals in major cities or ports and you are expected to go there and pick up your car. Some will charge an additional fee to deliver your car at your doorstep particularly if you live in remote areas. Please ensure the quote you receive is comprehensive and clear on all points.When you scout around various shipping companies to select a company to move your car, you will find that there are a range of quotes - each offering a variety of services. .Shopping around obviously gets you the best deal as well as all the services you need. Please determine your budget and have a tentative figure in mind when you are shopping for shipping service. This will aid you better when sorting out the companies that are right for you.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

How can I make my car shipping easier?

Transporting your car may appear to be a daunting task but it can be made easy if you follow right procedures. You should start your preparations at least two weeks in advance. This is important because your auto transporter will invariably need time to coordinate the pickup of your vehicle... Please understand that the shipping company is moving many vehicles all over the country so any additional time you give them for planning can help your vehicle transported safely and on time. Please bear in mind that when you have an auto transporter moving your vehicle, they also carry many other vehicles and have wayside stops that they have to make before arriving at your destination. The trucks can never take a direct, non-stop route to your destination.
It is frequently asked whether driving down the car is a better option when moving places. First you will have to consider that when you drive your car long distances, you cause wear and tear on your whole vehicle. Then if repairs have to be made during your trip it would be not only very costly but positively inconvenient. On the other hand, if you are having your car shipped, no wear and tear problem will be there and consequently no discomfort. It is also to be noted that the cost of gas is very expensive. The present ruling price of gas is almost the highest it has been in history. Thus you can understand that never before has it been as expensive as it is now to drive long distances. Choosing a car shipper to move your vehicle will surely save you hundreds of dollars.
Unless you're going to drive non-stop and put yourself at risk of falling asleep at the wheel, you will have to consider the cost of staying at a local hotel or motel. Expenses such as accommodations and food can further add up while you're traveling on the road. This is not to speak of the physical fatigue of driving long distances. When adding all the different costs and risks it becomes evident that it is cheaper and safer shipping the car than driving your vehicle yourself.
There are websites to provide you information, company listings and quotes. If you wish to do the research yourself, you can easily browse the list of auto shippers. Browsing the list of reputable companies allows you to choose one that suits your needs best. Shipping a car can be made easy if certain simple steps - get quotes, read and understand contracts, check for insurance and arrange inspection.For getting a quote, submit a request to several auto shipping companies, and then compare prices, verify reliability and find the right one that best suits your needs. After receiving your quotes, find out what payment method the carriers use, and what forms of payment are accepted (credit card, cashiers check etc).
Make sure to read the contract carefully, and get all specific queries answered in writing. Never rely on verbal promises. Please understand that once you sign the contract, your shipping company will always refer you to your contract for any questions or complaints that you may later arise.
Any licensed and authorized transporter will have insurance that would cover any damage or theft while your car is in possession of the auto hauling company. Ask for a copy of transporters insurance coverage, and find out whether their insurance is primary or secondary to your own car insurance
You have to do a vehicle inspection during pick up and delivery of your car to ensure that no damage has been done. If you meticulously take all the above steps, you should certainly have an easy and trouble-free shipping experience.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mandatory speed limiters for UK auto drivers

UK drivers will not face the outlook of obligatory speed limiters, after the government check into the technology was actually a success. The Department for Transport has established it would now look to work with motor vehicle manufacturers, local authority powers, insurance companies and also many other to 'consider what steps must be taken to sustain the future accessibility of the technology.'

There is an initial advise on the present speed limit of the road and notify the driver when they are beyond that limit, the second is a controlled system, which applies the breaks robotically, but could also be superseding, while the final option is a mandatory system, which will not let speeding at all. The Department for Transport said that carrying out such systems in the actual world could limit the number of deaths and damages on the roads, but insist that nothing would be forced on drivers.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tips for saving gas in our car transport

fuel-economy-guideWith the increasing rise in the gas price, every one of us is keen in saving gas in our car move. It has become essential to about the correct driving behaviors to maximize even the last drop of fuel in the car. This is necessary for efficient usage of fuel. Some of the tips for saving gas are as follows:

Walk as much as possible if you want to go to a destination which is only 10 to 15 minutes walk or bike ride away from your place. Walk or take a bus when possible. Use your car only when necessary. If you own more than one car, drive the one that gets the best gas mileage whenever possible.

Try to buy things from groceries to anything else through online shopping. This would save your gas, money, and time. However, if this is not possible or reasonable option for you, then wherever you may be going, plan a route which is direct and which has least traffic as possible.

Avoid reaching your destination through hills if a flat route is available for the destination. Driving your car through a hill will waste a lot of fuel. So, do not heavily increase the RPMs to stay at the same speed while you climb to the top of a hill.

Traffic jams make your engine to run quite inefficiently, wasting precious gasoline. So, leave before rush hour and drive during low traffic
Always try to drive at a constant speed, rather than at fluctuating speed. Gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Always maintain the speed limit to be safer and wise when you drive. The slower you go the less will be the amount of CO2 your car is putting into the air. Using cruise control on the highway helps you to maintain a constant speed and will in turn save gas.

Cars with larger engines typically waste more gas at idle than cars with smaller engines. So, if you are in a situation where you need to place your car idle for more than 1 minute, then you better turn off the engine.

You lose more fuel if you are driving with semi-deflated, old, and/or weak tires. This is because the car has to work harder to move tires with worn treads and loose air pressure. So check your car tire pressure regularly and keep your car tires inflated to the proper pressure. Properly inflated car tires are safer, durable and can improve your gas mileage.

Try to get a gas gauge. This will enable you to monitor how your driving, is affecting your gas mileage. By using a gas gauge in your car, you have very high possibility of driving your car economically and efficiently.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Facts about International Vehicle Transport

In the past, people were helpless about transporting their vehicle across country when they are relocating to another country, or if they want to import a vehicle from another country. But international shipping company serves as a remedy for such problem and now people feel relaxed when it comes to moving vehicle. International shipping company is the ideal solution to transport your vehicle from one country to another, all over the world.

The international transport services focus in safe, quick, efficient and reliable shipping service at reasonable cost. International transport has made it possible to transport any kind of vehicle to or from any part of the world. They provide two types of shipping service. You can either have your vehicle transported directly to your door or you can pick up your vehicle at any one of their terminal locality all over the world.

The international shipping process is more complicated than domestic shipping process. The process of international vehicle hauling  is difficult due to variation in law with different countries. The shipping law varies attach-string-to-truck-frontfrom country to country. All the parameters of the law largely depend upon the type and size of the vehicle that is going to be relocated. When the vehicle is being shipped the transport company owes the entire responsibility for the vehicle and assures the owner of vehicle for a safe shipping of the vehicle.
The law imposed by the governments of the foreign countries is the factor that has major impact on different characteristics of international vehicle transport. It is the responsibility of the customers to pay the required duty for cargo shipments. This payment includes destination charges, importation/exportation charges, etc. It is advised that the customers must communicate with the consultant of the concerned foreign government and ensure about all the rules and regulations of the foreign country before going for the process of payment. There will not be any problem if all the formalities related to the shipping have been done and all the duties have been paid within the right period of time, from the customer's side.

The international transport companies offer their shipping services safely. Some  also offer services of outstanding quality along with proper care of all the objects within the vehicle. car-transporter-truckThese  companies have an adequate knowledge regarding what is good for the vehicle and what is not. The process of vehicle transportation is being done with the help of advanced methodologies to offer best quality services to the customers at an affordable cost. They also provide an ideal environment to each shipment.

The international auto shippers ensure smooth relocation process. These companies offer quick, safe, and professional shipping service at competitive shipping rates and friendly customer service and satisfaction. Most of the companies crown the pride of outstanding record of transport satisfaction among individuals, military and government personnel, professional sports teams, and private corporations nationwide.

You can transport your automobile through licensed, insured and bonded international shipping companies for trouble-free auto shipping service. There are companies that charge extra for exceptionally best services, and there are also several companies available in the market that provide the best services at lowest cost in order to get the customer. You can choose the right shipping company according to your need and budget.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Benefits of International Auto Shipping


Transporting your vehicle from one country to another is now possible with the help of international auto shipping. International shipping of vehicle stands out to be the most striking one. This is one of the proven best ways to transport your vehicles securely from one country to another. The process  is considered to be more complicated than domestic shipping.

There are several good international shipping companies that provide this service. These companies offer numerous kinds of services to the people. The service provides several benefits which are as follows:
With this service, people can feel relaxed when it comes to moving vehicle across any truckscountry. You can take your vehicle along with you without any issues if you are planning to leave the city or country. There are several internal auto shipping companies that ensure the delivery of your car to your doorstep. It is easy for everyone to transport their vehicle using international auto shipping companies. The international shipping services are not just limited to individuals but they are available for vehicle producing companies also.
With the help of this companies any kind of vehicle such as car, truck, motor cycle, trailer, mobile home, bus, air craft, water craft, helicopter, jet, airplane, tractor or trailer rig, heavy equipment and other wheeled machinery can be sent or received to or from any part of the world. These Company serves as the boon as they can help you get the best imported car from any other country at reasonable costs.
They offer wide choice of transporter options and enable you to select the one that you think most comfortable with for your vehicle. They can transport your vehicle in open or enclosed car carriers, high-tech transport service or door-to-door delivery transport service.

car-transport-truckQualified and dependable international auto shippers offer outstanding quality services combined with proper care of all the objects within the vehicle. They provide shipping service with the help of advanced methodologies to offer best quality services to the customers at an affordable price.

The international shipping service is very economical when compared to selling your vehicle in one place and buying another one at new place. Most of the international shipping companies charge reasonably for shipping service.

These  companies have sufficient knowledge regarding what is good for the vehicle and what is not. They offer the best atmosphere to each shipment.
All the international shipping companies are licensed, insured and bonded shipping companies. The role of these companies is matchless. They offer numerous kinds of services to the people. The best part is that the international shipping services ensure safe shipment of the vehicle. They help to transport your vehicle quickly, safely, and professionally.

There are several international shipping companies available in the market. There are several companies that car-transportationcharge extra for exceptionally best services, and there are also several new companies available in the market that provide the best services at lowest cost in order to get the customer. When it comes to choosing for an appropriate auto hauling company, you need to look for the right company as per your requirement and budget. Once you select the best international auto moving company you are sure to ship out your favorite vehicle quickly and safely without any risk.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How to prepare your vehicle for shipping?

car-transporter-truckEven if you transport your vehicle quickly, safely, and professionally through licensed, insured and bonded auto transporters,  preparing your vehicle before shipment is very important. The shipping companies also require that you do some preparation in advance to the auto moving process. If you don't properly prepare your vehicle for the shipping process, it may end up in some problems. But how do you prepare you prepare your vehicle? Preparing your vehicle properly before shipment ensures for a smooth and hassle-free shipping.

Make an inspection of the vehicle before shipment either personally or through a designated person, and report the vehicle condition to the shipping company. Make sure to receive a copy of the original inspection report vehicle-shipping-truckswhich contains information such as pick-up and delivery dates, current mileage as well as the current condition of the vehicle. Inspect the vehicle both at the point of origin and the destination. The vehicle needs to be in operable condition. Some shipping companies charge extra for shipping inoperable vehicles.
Wash and clean your vehicle thoroughly before it's picked up for shipment. Ensure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle is clean. You may also leave your vehicle for servicing before shipping it.
Check the fluids, tire pressure and battery charge in the car before the shipping date. See to that the vehicle is free from any fluid leaks. Prepare to have less than half tank of gas in your car on the day of shipping. The tires must be inflated to the optimal pressure range before shipping, to ensure that no damage is done to the tires during loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle prior to shipping. Remove the vehicle accessories such as car auto-transportcover or spare tire, hazardous materials, spoilers, fog lights or ground effects, roof racks or other non-permanent items. Disabled or disconnect the alarm system in your vehicle. Remove or fully retract all the antennas in the vehicle and fold back vehicle's mirrors. Removing the essential objects in the car ensures that nothing shifts during shipping and damages the interior.

Repair any chips and/or cracks in your windows. If there are any open seams or holes in the vehicle, seal them to prevent moisture getting into the interior of the vehicle. If you cannot shield the top of the vehicle, ask your shipping company about closed container shipping.

Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the changing weather conditions. In case of severe weather conditions, it is wise to regulate the anti-freeze levels of the car radiator.

Ensure that your vehicle is personally insured. The shipping companies will not repair damages due to normal road conditions. But if the vehicle was damaged directly by the shipping company driver, then the company would be responsible.

Ensure to handle the full set of keys of the vehicle to the driver on the shipping day and ensure auto-transport-with-truckto receive it from the driver on the delivery day. Get the mobile number of the driver of the carrier truck either from them or from the shipping company before you ship your vehicle, so that you can contact him in case you want to enquire about the vehicle during the shipping process. When your vehicle is picked up at the point of origin and delivered at the destination, you and the driver of the shipping company should carefully review the condition of the vehicle.

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