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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tips to help you choose the auto transport

auto-transport-with-truckIt is essential to understand that transporting a vehicle needs special skills and expertise. So the mover of household articles may not be the right person to transport your vehicle. Always engage auto mover for any kind of your vehicle shifts be it a local or international. Your car is probably one of your big assets and you would naturally want to make sure that it is transported safely Therefore, when choosing a shipping company you need to be diligent because you want to ensure that your car gets to your new home safely and on the appointed date of delivery.

car-shipping-truck Therefore when choosing an auto transporting company, you will have to do a pre study of a few critical factors. Select a shipping company that is reliable and enjoys a good reputation Ascertain from the transport company if they are licensed to transport vehicles and if so, ask them to show you proof that they are properly licensed to perform this service. They should have a federal license as well as insurance and bond requirements. A fully legitimate company should have no problem with showing you these things. You should also ask the shipping company the kind of insurance they have against damage to your car and what the limitations are and what conditions are excluded.

If you want your vehicle to arrive at your new destination by a certain date, ask the transport company car-transporter-truckwhether they can guarantee this and also find out how your car will be delivered. Some companies will not do a door to door service but will collect and deliver only to their own specified locations. In such case, you have to get the relevant details to make sure that you are not seriously inconvenienced to collect your car from another location. Large company use multi car carriers and therefore have a longer delivery time because their trucks have many stops, and cannot always drive at your door. On the other hand if you were to hire a smaller transporter, you will be able to have the vehicle dropped right at your door. So do not straightaway infer that smaller companies are better. As a matter of fact, larger companies may at times be more reliable and safer to entrust your car. In the final analysis, you will have to do some research before choosing who will ship your car. Make sure that there are no complaints against the company. This can be done online.

auto-transport-companyCheck on Google and other search engines. If there is anything negative about said company it will usually show up on one of those places. Check with the BBB in the city where the company does business, and make sure they don't have an excess number of complaints. Get proof of insurance and ascertain the maximum amount of coverage they carry. You'll want to know if their insurance is primary or secondary to your own insurance, and get this information in writing. Make sure the auto shipper does pre and post vehicle inspections and provide this information as a written report. Please remember the Auto transporter must be licensed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with a valid MC# or US DOT#. Choosing an auto shipper can be a challenge, especially if you've never used a company to ship a vehicle before.

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