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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How do you prefer to transport your vehicle?

auto-transport-company When you move or relocate to a new house, you would want to move your vehicle to the place of destination. It could be burdensome to transport your vehicle along with other precious belongings. You may prefer household mover or auto mover to transport your vehicle. But the household movers may not be the best option to transport your vehicle because they may not have special skills for transporting a vehicle. Moving vehicles is an expert job and can be a simple and secure if done through the right person. Auto hauling company is the best option for transporting your vehicle either locally or internationally.

If you looking for a shipping company, browse through advertisements in local auto-transport-with-trucknewspapers, phone books or the Internet. Get reference from friends and relatives to find the best auto transport provider. Some shipping company quotes the way you prefer.

The types of transporter used will vary from company to company and according to the vehicle you want to carmove. Options include closed transporters, open transporters, simple trucks, and trailers and, freight containers in the case of international moves. The different modes of auto transportation service are the carriers, the auto shipping broker or the auto drive away service. Carriers own trucks to move your vehicle. Brokers do not own trucks but have good network of truckers who offer flexible pricing. Auto drive away services provide drivers to drive your vehicle to the destiny. You can ship your vehicle in enclosed car trailers or open auto carrier.

Do you prefer transporting your vehicle  in open or enclosed car carriers? Do you prefer a high-tech transport service? Are you looking for door-to-door delivery transport service? Choosing the best mover or shipping company is very important. Compare the prices and services of some good transporters around you and choose the best shipping provider. Verify whether the transporter has registered with the Department of Transportation and has an active MC and USDOT number. Car hauling companies you choose must meet government regulations and have a satisfactory record. Also check whether the transporter has active liability and cargo insurance. Ensure that there are no complaints against the  transport company.

You should provide as much information to the shipping company that you will transport your vehicle with. If you truckshave any other concerns about shipping your vehicle, you can always ask the automobile shipping company that you chose to transport you vehicle. Once you place an order for vehicle move, the transport of your vehicle will be scheduled for the dates you have provided on the shipping order. Once a truck has been assigned to your order, you will receive a call from the driver to schedule a pickup time. The driver picks up your vehicle after inspection, and transports it to the destination. Know the ways of inspection of the vehicle while receiving your vehicle from the auto transportation service.

Thus, always prefer to transport your automobile quickly, safely, and professionally through licensed, insured and bonded auto transporters.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tips to help you choose the auto transport

auto-transport-with-truckIt is essential to understand that transporting a vehicle needs special skills and expertise. So the mover of household articles may not be the right person to transport your vehicle. Always engage auto mover for any kind of your vehicle shifts be it a local or international. Your car is probably one of your big assets and you would naturally want to make sure that it is transported safely Therefore, when choosing a shipping company you need to be diligent because you want to ensure that your car gets to your new home safely and on the appointed date of delivery.

car-shipping-truck Therefore when choosing an auto transporting company, you will have to do a pre study of a few critical factors. Select a shipping company that is reliable and enjoys a good reputation Ascertain from the transport company if they are licensed to transport vehicles and if so, ask them to show you proof that they are properly licensed to perform this service. They should have a federal license as well as insurance and bond requirements. A fully legitimate company should have no problem with showing you these things. You should also ask the shipping company the kind of insurance they have against damage to your car and what the limitations are and what conditions are excluded.

If you want your vehicle to arrive at your new destination by a certain date, ask the transport company car-transporter-truckwhether they can guarantee this and also find out how your car will be delivered. Some companies will not do a door to door service but will collect and deliver only to their own specified locations. In such case, you have to get the relevant details to make sure that you are not seriously inconvenienced to collect your car from another location. Large company use multi car carriers and therefore have a longer delivery time because their trucks have many stops, and cannot always drive at your door. On the other hand if you were to hire a smaller transporter, you will be able to have the vehicle dropped right at your door. So do not straightaway infer that smaller companies are better. As a matter of fact, larger companies may at times be more reliable and safer to entrust your car. In the final analysis, you will have to do some research before choosing who will ship your car. Make sure that there are no complaints against the company. This can be done online.

auto-transport-companyCheck on Google and other search engines. If there is anything negative about said company it will usually show up on one of those places. Check with the BBB in the city where the company does business, and make sure they don't have an excess number of complaints. Get proof of insurance and ascertain the maximum amount of coverage they carry. You'll want to know if their insurance is primary or secondary to your own insurance, and get this information in writing. Make sure the auto shipper does pre and post vehicle inspections and provide this information as a written report. Please remember the Auto transporter must be licensed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with a valid MC# or US DOT#. Choosing an auto shipper can be a challenge, especially if you've never used a company to ship a vehicle before.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Need a reliable car transport company

car-transporter-truck If you are in need of a reliable transport company to ship your car, then doing some pre-study is inevitable. All car transport companies claim they are dependable as a marketing strategy - so it becomes difficult to distinguish the genuine from the fake. A dependable shipping company will handle your car move in a professional and reliable manner and deliver your car where you want it, when you want it, and in a safe way.
Many people need to have their luxury cars shipped for car shows or for relocation and want to avoid driving the car-transport-by-truckextra miles on their classic cars. They are obviously in need of a dependable shipping company. Regardless of how old your car is or what your shipping needs are you should always find a reliable car transporting company. A reliable shipping company will treat your vehicle with care and you can be confident that it will receive safe and professional transportation.

enclosed-car-shipping-truckA reliable company will respect your investment and they will zealously treat your vehicle from pick up to delivery. You should always research the company's reputation and verify its antecedents before signing a contract to make sure they are a reliable shipping company. It is inconsequential if your car is a sports car, an antique car, or even just a plain family car - if you want it safely delivered at the other end, you will have to find a reliable and affordable transport company that has a  package that suits your needs and your budget. The size of the company and the rates they offer cannot be the deciding factors.

What really decides whether you can trust your transport service is the skill and track record of the company. auto-transport-by-truckTransporting your car would prove troublesome if you fail to take the necessary precautions. Your car is a big investment for you and if you allow your car to be transported without care, you could end up with a badly dented car. Always investigate the past transactions of the transport firm to see if there are any potential problems regarding their service. A lot needs to be considered before you finally decide on the car transporter. How your car will arrive to its destination depends on you and how well you shopped around for a transporter. There are quite a few options on how to have your car delivered. You can have door-to-door, enclosed, open, terminal-to-terminal, and rail service among others. Some of these options may have features that you do not need, or features that are more than what you need.
Make sure you understand the details of each option and choose one according to your needs. When you and your car transport company agree on the dates, reinforce the fact that your will be expecting punctuality on the delivery and pickup dates. You should also ascertain whether the company allows you to cancel the transaction if they are late for pick up, or to refund a certain amount if they deliver you car late. However reliable the car transporter is, it is advisable to have everything documented in writing. Have the transporter inspect your car before and after transport so you can assess after delivery, whether there was any damage sustained during transit. This is standard operating procedure many of the transport companies follow.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Essential service of auto transport

heavy-weight-move-truckThere is no denying that Car transport is perhaps the most commonly used form of transport by most people worldwide. Every day, people use vehicle transport to commute to their workplaces, their homes and to a variety of other destinations due to business exigencies. Auto transport are more widely used for commercial purposes. For example, auto transport forms the backbone of many companies such as courier, trade, tourism, travel and transport firms and manufacturing companies. Auto transport is used for movement of men and materials. Auto transport is a highly versatile mode of transportation, which has come a long way since the advent of automobiles.

Just like other forms of transportation, auto transport is regulated by the relevant governmental auto-transportagency/department, which is responsible for legislating in all affairs to do with auto transport. There are a variety of auto transport and these include cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Each form of auto transport has its own merits and demerits, utility and function. To operate any form of auto transport will require the respective drivers to pass driving/safety exams that will ensure their competence on roads. It should also be mentioned that in some cases, a tax is levied on auto transport; these taxes tend to vary from country to country and they are mostly used to reduce congestion on roads or to raise money for certain transport facilities.

car-transport-truckHowever, regardless of the type of auto transport one uses, all auto vehicles use the same network of roads. The speeds and pollution generated by the different types of auto transport mayl also be different. Sometimes, these characteristics of the different forms of transport will determine the amount of people who use them and the taxes that are levied on them. In addition, certain types of auto transport have better application in certain contexts than others. For instance, a vehicle like a bus is meant for passenger transport and a truck is intended for goods movement. It is common knowledge that some vehicles run on petrol while others run on diesel. Diesel usually costs less than petrol per liter and those vehicles, which run on diesel, are able to cover more distance per liter of fuel than vehicles which run on petrol.

Auto transport is increasingly playing a crucial role in today's technologically advanced society. Auto transport is becoming the key factor for the survival and growth of any economy. The importance of auto transport in the development and growth of industry and its role in the national economy cannot be over emphasized. The commercial activities and transactions that are done each day by players in the market economy largely depend on the proper functioning of the auto transport system. Without auto transport all the activities in today's modern economy will collapse. Every type of business or market relies heavily on auto transport in order for it to function properly.

Last but not the least in importance is the fact, the auto transport industry generates a lot of auto-transport-truckemployment opportunities and provides good career prospects. It is common knowledge that modern globalization and liberalization of world economies could not have taken place without the role of auto transport in the transporting of goods and people. Besides playing a role in the economy, auto transport forms an essential part of running health services and the maintenance of safety, law and order.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gift Your Car with All America Auto Transport

Got a new car for your loved one? Want to send a car to your kid who is on the other side of the country studying? Or want to send a luxury car for your daughter's prom? Or want to surprise your girl friend with a fancy car? When it comes to car shipping for your beloved ones who are living anywhere in the country or any where in the world, all you need to do is call us for a quote and get the automobile transported safely and quickly!

You need not worry about the price, when you call us you will be surprised to know our cost of shipping. It doesn't matter if you car is brand new or a precious vintage car, when it comes to AAAT; we'll see that your automobile to 100% safe. Ship with us once and you will definitely come back again and again!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Organizing Proper Car transport

Car transportation seems to be quite simple but in order to ship your car safer and easier you need to take care of some of the things by yourself. These tips will make your shipping process successful. Firstly prepare your car for transportation that means you need to clean your car and remove all your belongings and implements like antennas and other stuffs. Check the gas tank; see that the filling is not more than 1/4th.

With your shipping report, clearly mention the conditions of your car before the auto shipment. Let the auto transporter know if there are any damages you have before the transport. Also check if the shipping company got a license and offers full insurance coverage of your car. Carefully study all payment details including the prices or taxes if any. Never be in a hurry, so take your time before you chose anything. If you end up with any doubt on auto transportation, call us at 877-859-4500.

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