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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Car transport from state to state

auto-transport-company Moving the car to another state is a daunting task. Everything has to be coordinated because once the inter-state move starts, you cannot just get back to your old home for something you forgot. One of the major problems is how to transport your family car. Many families today opt to have their cars, trucks, motorcycles, or even boats moved by professional auto shippers. Although turning your family vehicle over to strangers can cause anxiety, but it is really not different from hiring strangers to transport your household belongings. Shipping has many advantages over driving the car yourself and perhaps few drawbacks. Driving a rented truck is indeed challenging task for the self-mover.

Many people are unaccustomed to driving such a large vehicle. Adding the length and weight of a car-shipping-truck towed vehicle increases the challenge. The truck obviously becomes much harder to navigate and stop and the risk of an accident increases. Again, if you have more than one family car, towing is not an option. Having one person drive the truck while another person, may be one's spouse drives the car is apparently safer but is not devoid of its own set of problems. Communication between vehicles can be difficult despite cell phones as you never know when you will hit a dead spot.

trucks Having your car shipped by an auto transporter means having only the moving truck to worry about. More than one driver can keep each other company and can take shifts while driving, reducing the chance of highway mishaps. If you have engaged a professional company to move your household belongings, you have already made the decision to leave the hassles to the experts. Not only does it save you the backbreaking labor of loading and unloading, a skilled mover can get your belongings stowed away in a fraction of the time you can. Let an experienced specialist move your car the professional way so you can focus on more important matters. Shipping a car is indeed costly and doing it yourself will be less expensive. Then again you could say the same about many other tasks. It is always preferable to let the experts do it as they will do it perfectly. As long as you hire the right auto carrier, there should not be any problems. Hire an auto shipper with many years of experience with full insurance and fulfilling all legal formalities.

Make sure your car is adequately insured by the vehicle shipper for relocation. Upon pick-up, the car-transport-truck driver will do a condition report to record any existing scratches or damages on the vehicle. This report will be signed by both parties. Another similar report will be made upon delivery. Make sure you check the vehicle before signing as reporting any damages or claims at a later time may not be helpful. Avoid leaving any personal possessions in your car. Of course spare tires, car jacks, and other standard car accessories can remain inside but make sure anything left in the car is tied down securely. It is important to verify the credentials and valid licensing of any inter-state car moving company. You may contact your local Better Business Bureau as well as verify whether the shipper's license is valid and active with the appropriate transportation agency (such as the state or federal Department Of Transportation). It is important that you take the time to check references and get all services agreed to by the company in writing.

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