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Monday, June 16, 2008

Paying Tips Motivates Movers

Movers generally do not expect tips like a cab driver or a waiter at a restaurant. But that does not mean they will be averse to receiving tips. They will certainly be extremely pleased if any money is rewarded to them in appreciation of their hard work.

As a matter of fact, movers deserve tips more than any other service provider because of their physical labor, the care they exercise in handling your personal effects, the responsibility the assume for the safety of your belongings and the timely delivery at your new destination. Good movers will take extra pains to treat your belongings as their own if you offer tips. Since moving goods is a serious matter, clients want to entrust such responsible tasks only to experienced and reputed movers. As a customer, you are handing over all of your valuable possessions to the movers. So, paying some extra money as tips should not seriously hurt you.

The norm in the mover business is around $20.00 per mover for a full day's and $10.00 for half a day's work. If you decide to tip, then on an interstate move you would pay a tip to the loading crew while loading and another tip to the delivery crew when unloading. These two crews are different crews and therefore you would not be tipping the same set of people twice. Local movers, who would finish the work within the same day, however are the same crew all day, and you would pay the tip only once after they complete the delivery.

It may be difficult to decide the quantum of tips to pay the movers. Here you cannot pay any standard percentage as you do in a restaurant because moving costs can drastically vary depending on what is included in the estimate. The amount of tips should depend on how big or small the load was and how responsibly they served you. Besides, you will have to take into account the number of persons in the crew so that each receives a fair share when tips are redistributed. Again, you may have to increase the tip amount, if the loading or unloading involved climbing stairs or the items were heavy appliances. It is also suggested, and rightly too, that proper etiquette is to give the tip individually to each mover. If one or two persons have worked harder, they deserve a slightly larger tip.

Moving companies tell you that it is strictly not required to tip the crew. But if the movers do a satisfying job, most moving companies permit their employees to accept tips.

When it comes to the services rendered by the movers, whether to tip them or not, is your choice. If you think you are paying enough for the transport service or the service crew did nothing extraordinary, you are well within your rights, to deny then tips. Further, tipping the movers does necessarily mean you have to pay cash You can even offer then some lunch like sandwiches or pizzas and most movers will feel extremely satisfied with your hospitality. Sometimes, offering them food will keep them refreshed and energetic for doing physical work.

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