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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keeping Your Car Ready for Auto Shipping

Once if you have decided where to move your automobile, there are certain things which needs to be kept in mind. Before handling your auto, see that your vehicle is in a working condition and safe. Check that your car brakes and steering are working fine. In case if your vehicle is not in a working properly, then don't forget to inform this to your auto shippers, this is because the auto transporter might need to drive the car on and off the auto carrier at some point during the delivery.

Make sure that there is no fluid leaking from your vehicle previous to transport. Generally in an auto transport truck, there are two levels and your vehicle might be below or above another person's car. If your vehicle leaks any sort of the fluid like oil, gas, battery fluid, coolant, etc, this can spoil the vehicle which is below your car and you will be held responsible for the damages.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Organize proper auto transporting

The process of shipping a car may not be as safe and simple as you may imagine. There are quite a few factors you need to apply your mind if you want to ship your car successfully. As a first step, you will have to get your car ready for transportation. This calls for completely cleaning your car and removing all the extra fittings like antenna. You will have to check the gas tank to make sure the filling is not more than one-fourth and also ensure you have controlled the radiator for antifreeze.

The next step is to organize an inspection of your vehicle and prepare a shipping report. You have to state clearly in the report the condition of your vehicle before shipment. The report must describe the current condition of your car and spell out all the existing scratches, cracks, missing parts etc. You will need this report to check your vehicle's condition upon delivery. This report is also essential to resolve all the possible disputes that may later arise in respect of the car condition. If there are any damages to your vehicle which occurred during the shipment, you can claim these damages.

You should begin studying the options in transporting your car at least a month prior to your car shipment and confirm the entire schedule two weeks prior to the vehicle's departure. Please remember to verify the car hauling company you engage has a license and provides full cover insurance of your vehicle. Make it a point to verify with people who have the experience with the companies you are considering. Find out whether the companies are licensed. These companies must be licensed by the US Department of Transportation and you are well within your rights to demand and see the DOT license number certificate issued to the transporter.

Before signing the contract of shipping, carefully study the payment details and also consider the prices. It is absolutely essential that you are fully satisfied with the car shipper - its terms and conditions, the safety the company provides to your car. You need not take any hurried decision as there several companies which offer competitive prices and favorable terms and you have a wide choice to suit your budget. The cost of shipping is determined by many factors, including the make, type, and weight of the vehicle, the departure point and final destination of the vehicle.

You must understand that pick-up and delivery dates are only probable dates and there cannot be anything definite about them. There could be many unforeseen problems, not within our control, like traffic jams, rough weather conditions, breakdowns etc. that can contribute to delays. Quite often the cause of delays is one of the customer's making. They make last minutes changes to the agreed routes or delivery terms. Remember the better you fulfill your part of the deal the sooner you will get your car delivered at the other end.

Selecting the vehicle for transporting your car is indeed a crucial decision. Open trailers are fully or partially exposed and therefore cheaper. The fully enclosed ones are obviously costlier as they protect your car dust, sun and rain. Your choice will depend on the money you are willing to spend. Moving an oversized car is expected to cost more than a smaller vehicle, and there are certain parameters that apply when determining the cost of transporting classic cars or other customized vehicles.

You should also not be misled into believing that door-to-door shipping will mean your car being delivered at your home. When your car is shipped door-to-door it means that the truck driver will reach your car as close to the pick-up or delivery point as possible.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Floods in Midwest caused major loss

According to Reuters Article current flooding in US Midwest is the worst in 15 years. This flooding is causing a major loss for barge companies and trucking firms, it is estimated that the loss for their 2nd quarter can go into millions.

Flooding in Midwest has damaged miles and miles of railroads tracks and bridges. Officials say the magnitude of destruction is unknown and might require expensive repairs or replacements.

"We expect the flooding that hit the Midwest to impact most transportation companies by a couple pennies (per share), mainly because of the increased costs associated with rerouted traffic," said Lee Klaskow, senior transportation and logistics analyst at Longbow Research in New York.

Though this flooding has cost a major loss for many companies experts say the companies can easily bounce back in few days.

For more detailed information please click here

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Info Required While Placing an Order

When you call us for a vehicle transport service, you need to have the following details with you. This will help you to place an order without any difficulties, so help us in serving you better. First of all make a note of the vehicle's model, make, year, license plate and the VIN number. We also require the car's measurements and the approximate value in USD. Name, mailing address and phone numbers details if you are in US or overseas is also needed.

As you need to make a full payment, you may use cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. We require a copy (non-notarized) of the front, back of the title and a shipping Order-Bill of Lading, filled out and signed. For orders that are placed in less than 5 business days before shipment, please add $25 as service fee for expedited processing.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Paying Tips Motivates Movers

Movers generally do not expect tips like a cab driver or a waiter at a restaurant. But that does not mean they will be averse to receiving tips. They will certainly be extremely pleased if any money is rewarded to them in appreciation of their hard work.

As a matter of fact, movers deserve tips more than any other service provider because of their physical labor, the care they exercise in handling your personal effects, the responsibility the assume for the safety of your belongings and the timely delivery at your new destination. Good movers will take extra pains to treat your belongings as their own if you offer tips. Since moving goods is a serious matter, clients want to entrust such responsible tasks only to experienced and reputed movers. As a customer, you are handing over all of your valuable possessions to the movers. So, paying some extra money as tips should not seriously hurt you.

The norm in the mover business is around $20.00 per mover for a full day's and $10.00 for half a day's work. If you decide to tip, then on an interstate move you would pay a tip to the loading crew while loading and another tip to the delivery crew when unloading. These two crews are different crews and therefore you would not be tipping the same set of people twice. Local movers, who would finish the work within the same day, however are the same crew all day, and you would pay the tip only once after they complete the delivery.

It may be difficult to decide the quantum of tips to pay the movers. Here you cannot pay any standard percentage as you do in a restaurant because moving costs can drastically vary depending on what is included in the estimate. The amount of tips should depend on how big or small the load was and how responsibly they served you. Besides, you will have to take into account the number of persons in the crew so that each receives a fair share when tips are redistributed. Again, you may have to increase the tip amount, if the loading or unloading involved climbing stairs or the items were heavy appliances. It is also suggested, and rightly too, that proper etiquette is to give the tip individually to each mover. If one or two persons have worked harder, they deserve a slightly larger tip.

Moving companies tell you that it is strictly not required to tip the crew. But if the movers do a satisfying job, most moving companies permit their employees to accept tips.

When it comes to the services rendered by the movers, whether to tip them or not, is your choice. If you think you are paying enough for the transport service or the service crew did nothing extraordinary, you are well within your rights, to deny then tips. Further, tipping the movers does necessarily mean you have to pay cash You can even offer then some lunch like sandwiches or pizzas and most movers will feel extremely satisfied with your hospitality. Sometimes, offering them food will keep them refreshed and energetic for doing physical work.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learning to drive a Heavy Vehicle

If you hold a current licence and have complied with the minimum driving experience for the class of licence being sought, you may drive a motor vehicle of that class without a learner's permit under the following conditions.Drivers
  • Must not drive while there is any alcohol present in their blood or the presence of THC (Cannabis), Methylamphetamine (Speed) or MDMA (Ecstasy) in their blood or oral fluid.
  • Must carry their current licence while driving.
  • Must display 'L' plates to the front and rear of the vehicle they are driving.Must be accompanied by a passenger who holds a Driver's Licence (not being a provisional licence) for that class of vehicle.
  • Must not exceed any speed limit by more than 10 km/h. (Exceeding any speed limit is an offence under the Road Traffic Act).
  • Must not exceed 80 km/h (or 100 km/h if accompanied by a Motor Driving Instructor in a clearly marked driving school vehicle fitted with dual service brake controls) in areas where the speed is permitted.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Get Auto Transport License

Car transport in the state requires legal license from the department of transportation. The shipping company wonders that how to get the auto transport license, where to get, the fees structure and other requirements at the core. There is graduated licensing system in the state which means that the vehicle shipping company should have to obtain license for both national and international service to be offered. License is a special enforcement that makes people compiles with the terms and conditions of shipment and so on. The cost of obtaining license differs as per the type of license has been initiated by the car hauling company. Offer better service with regards to legalized license from the department.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Safeguard against ID Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and several celebrities and commoners alike are become victims everyday. Most of the time, all a criminal needs to steal your identity is your name and SSN.

Even at the outset, let us understand what identity theft means. Identity theft is similar to credit card or bank account fraud and the ultimate aim is a plan to steal your money. Criminals who find out your Social Security number (SSN) and/or account numbers can straightaway apply for new credit cards or replacements for the old ones, bounce your checks, or apply for store credit.

Identity theft can often be for crimes more than simple financial fraud. More imaginative criminals might go to the extent of opening a new cellular phone service account in your name, avail a car loan, or misuse your Social Security number to apply for jobs or bankruptcy, subjecting you to needless hassles with the IRS. With a little cleverness and some resources, an identity thief can make life miserable for you.

Social Security numbers are extremely critical to identity thieves as they use them to assume a person's identity and commit fraud. Security experts opine SSN is a key ingredient in identity theft. However, we see many people indiscriminately enter their SSN on business or retail forms without even pausing for a moment.

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, when SSNs were first issued in 1936, the federal government had clearly stated that the numbers would be used strictly for Social Security programs only. The use of these cards for personal identification and work authorization is more of recent origin. Today, the SSN has become the most frequently used recordkeeping number in the United States. It is used for employee files, medical records, health insurance accounts, credit and banking accounts, student identification cards, and for lot more purposes.

With the SSN becoming more or less freely accessible, it is now easy for criminals to fraudulently use your SSN to gain access to your financial accounts, government records, and other sources of personal information.

An identity thief who knows your SSN and name can enjoy immense benefits like opening new lines of credit, buying expensive goods, applying for jobs in your name, and steal large quantities of cash from your bank accounts even before you realize it.

All you can do is to follow a few simple guidelines to protect your number and minimize your risk of becoming a victim. The common practice of identity thieves is to pose as bank representatives, service providers and government agents to trick victims into revealing their numbers. Under no circumstances should you reveal your personal information over the phone, by mail, or online. You should make absolutely sure the identity of the person seeking this information and you must be able to trust the people who are asking for it.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that they must immediately reveal their SSN when a government agency or private business asks for it. This is simply untrue. A very few government agencies, such as motor vehicle departments, tax departments and welfare departments, can legally demand to know your SSN. Your SSN is also required for transactions involving taxes, so banks, brokerages and employers may have a legitimate need to know your SSN. Other than these bodies, most business houses and retailers have no legal right to demand your number.

Adding "Credit Freeze" or "Fraud Alert" on your credit report at the three major credit bureaus will go a long way in protecting an identity thief from using your SSN. This completely locks your credit and prevents lenders from offering new credit in your name unless they verify your identity via phone or e-mail. If you are proactive and take suitable precautionary measures for protecting your SSN, it will be unlikely that you will have to experience the trauma of identity theft.

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