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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Priority Days Required For Ordering

Most of the customers come up with a doubt of how many days in priority they have to prepare vehicle for moving arrangements. Preparing the vehicles before shipment is not the difficult tasks and the customer should make out without any mistake. It is suggested that for cross country auto relocation, the order should be made before two weeks of shipment and in case of overseas shipment, the customer should come up before three to four weeks in advance. In case of emergency, the client can intimate to our shipping company and we try to make out shipment as per your requirements. Booking the order in advance enables the customer to be tension free.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Make Car Shipping By Train

Shipping a car  by train is one of the modes of transportation offered to the customers around the world. Transportation is provided to the customers in different ways as per the requirement of the clients. Transporting vehicle by train is also a kind of transport services offered with benefits such as, flexible payments, reasonable price schedules and insurance coverage and even more. Using well trained shippers, shipping services are provided to the customers in best possible way to reach the clients more economically. Even in train transport, enclosed and open auto transport can be made. Guaranteed performance will be provided considering the importance of customer and their requirements.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Race Car Transport Carrier

Availing the service provided by all America auto transport company becomes the obligation of the clients in the state. Car moving companies are available in more numbers and most of the movers provide all kinds of transporting to the customers. We are the car shipping company engaged in the activity of race car transports to the customers required all over in the city, state and overseas. Considering the importance of value of race cars and customer support, we provide excellent vehicle shipping throughout the country. When the need for race vehicle shipping arises, the customer can contact for guaranteed performance.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Licensed Auto Shipping Company

License is considered to be the vital part in the factors listed out by vehicle transport company to the customers. It an important requirement for the shipping company to transport vehicles safely from one location to another. All America auto transport is a licensed company which compiles with the statute of the state and obtains the license from the department of transportation to enter the business legally. We are licensed as per the procedures of the transportation department and completed all formalities required. Double protection will be offered to the vehicles and completes the contract efficiently.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Certification Required On Motor Vehicles

Before the vehicles are imported by car shipper, the certificates required on motor vehicle are certification of label meeting requirements of 49 CFR parts 567 which identifies the manufacturer of vehicle, period of manufacture and conformity with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. Vehicles other than motor vehicles and trailers, the label should be affixed with hinge pillar, door latch post. When the vehicles are shipped, proper certification is required and it is obligation of the customer to forward the certification required for motor vehicles before it is shipped. Reliable source should be provided to ensure guaranteed obligation.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vehicle Transport Company Uses Alternative Fuel

Fuels are special kind of products used for shipping vehicles from one location to another. Alternative fuels produce less pollution than gasoline or diesel and it is derived from other resources. Tax incentives are offered to the consumers by federal government to make use of the product in a required manner. Some of alternative fuels are ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas, hydrogen and even more. This kind of alternative fuels helps the auto transport company to transport their vehicles carefully without any problem. It produces less air pollution compared to other products.

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